Pedestrians need bridge

So this morning there was "another" vehicle accident adjacent to the pedestrian walkway in front of the Oceanwalk condos on South Atlantic Avenue in New Smyrna Beach.

This has occurred way too many times since these condos were built.

Oceanwalk consists of 20 individual buildings with 30-something units in each building. This creates a tremendous amount of pedestrian traffic trying to cross South Atlantic to go back and forth to the beach. This results in hundreds of vehicle stoppages per day increasing the risk of driver error.

No, we don't need another red light and, no, we don't need to lower the speed limit.

What we need is the pedestrian bridge to cross South Atlantic from Oceanwalk that was a part of the original Oceanwalk plan/agreement.

How and why this bridge was eliminated from the construction no one seems to know, but it needs to be resurrected and built for everyone's safety.

There are way too many people, including a lot of children, routinely using the crosswalk. An overhead pedestrian bridge is the best and safest answer to this issue.

Simple postal fix

We couldn’t agree more with a Rant & Rave in your Jan., 29 edition.

For years we have had problems with not receiving mail or receiving someone else's mail. Complaining to the Post Office does absolutely no good. It’s like they either don’t care or just don’t know how to fix it.

The fix is simple. Have the letter carriers look at the names and addresses before they dump it in the most convenient box.

Fast money-maker for cities

I have a rant about the speeders on Ridgewood Avenue in Daytona Beach, South Daytona and Holly Hill.

Every morning and every evening during rush hour, people are going 20 to 30 mph over the speed limit and switching lanes. On top of that we have the the motorcycles, nicknamed crotch rockets. These guys are on a death wish.

I never see any police running radar along Ridgewood Avenue. If the cities are hurting for money, they could make quite a bit off these people who are speeding all the time.

Mask up at the Y

I have been a member of the Port Orange YMCA for 30 years.

Right now, they are not requiring face masks in their classes and weight room.

The people working do wear a mask. I think the people in the classes and on the equipment should wear masks.

In response to: 'Need help with vaccine'

I have called that number many, many times since Jan. 20 – busy, busy.

When you get through, it says the doses have already been allocated. I had a friend help me and was able to make an appointment online at Publix. The phone line isn't working.

Vaccination confusion

First, I heard that non-residents of Florida were getting the vaccine, then I heard on the news they were no longer giving the vaccine to non-Florida residents.

Then I heard, they have to give the vaccine to everyone whether they are a resident or not because it is (federal) government issued. So, please tell, which is it?

Also, why wasn't the vaccine issued to people 75 and older first. If they had done that, maybe the system wouldn't be so bogged down. I can't get an appointment no matter what I do and I am willing to travel. I can't get an answer online. What is the problem?

Take politics out of vaccinations

Shame on you, Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The residents of Florida need more Covid-19 immunization sites. Stop letting politics guide your response to this pandemic. The sooner we get everyone immunized, the sooner we can get back to work, school and life as we knew it.

Florida has only administered 50% of the vaccine received. In addition to Publix, you must partner with Walgreens, CVS, Walmart and others. Also, you should welcome the federal mass vaccination sites.

Step up and do the right thing. People are dying while you are politicking.

In response to: 'Need help on vaccine'

We enjoy your Hometown News, because it is very informative.

However, my husband and I fully agree with Help on Vaccine in Jan. 27 edition. We are both 80 and have been trying to make an appointment every time they come out with the vaccine. No luck.

Editor: have you ever tried to call (866) 345-0345? Well we have and we spent 21/2 hours on our phones every time they advertise the vaccine. To this day we have not gotten through. It is not fair the way seniors are being treated through this vaccine.

Thanks, Publix

I would like to thank wholeheartedly the employees of Publix Supermarkets in Ormond-by-the-Sea.

Ever since the pandemic started, the employees have shown bravery for possibly exposing themselves to the Covid-19 virus. And the management has done an outstanding job at this location.

I also would like to rave about the senior management at Publix for allowing its customers to get vaccinated. This effort was exceedingly better than going to the fairgrounds. I just got my first jab last Saturday and have my second jab appointment next month. Again, thank you Publix and thank you Employees.

Proud of commissioner and community

I’m writing this regarding my mother who is 93, has Multiple Sclerosis and lives independently.

Dwight Shelby, an Ormond Beach resident and city commissioner, signed over his vaccine appointment to my mom. He said he is very concerned that the order in which the vaccines are distributed is not taking care of the older people in our communities.

What a selfless act. I’m so appreciative. My husband, former Judge David Beck, would have done the same thing. I’m so proud to live in this community.

Vaccine rollout fail

I would like to express my experience with the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

We live in Florida five months per year. We live in Minnesota the rest of year. I bought my first property in Volusia County in 1981; our current property in 2001,so I have 40 continuous years of tax statements. bank statements, insurance statements, FPL bills, we satisfy the requirements to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, we are not newcomers to the area.

I was on the Publix website Friday, Jan. 22, from 4:25 to 8:13 a.m., trying to get an appointment for my wife and I (both over 65). That is when I got the message "Volusia County full.

I'm a cancer survivor, made medical history at the renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., for a rare type of cancer. It's not Publix's fault. They are great company, we live next to it in Daytona Beach Shores, shop there all the time. It's not Volusia County's fault. It's not the State of Florida's fault, but it is the fault of the federal government. The roll out, throughout the entire U.S. was a failure.

So, what's next? I will keep trying. It's enough to drive a person to a stroke or nervous breakdown or for sure a stiff drink.

I ask this newspaper and every newspaper in the country to send all letters they receive with their experience with the rollout to the federal government.

An enormous situation

Unfortunate to see all the negative posts on virus distribution.

Some people think they know better who should get it first. Some people think nurses should be provided so they do not have to wait for their free vaccine. I guess they have somewhere more important to go to than a life-saving vaccine.

A pair of extra nurses at every location would cost tens of millions of dollars. Where do these excess nurses come from to administer your free vaccine?

Let us start by understanding the enormity of the situation. One million doses per day divided by 50 states. Hundreds of locations to distribute to in each state. We have 350 million people in the U.S.A. Some vaccines need a double dose. So, yes, it is bigger than you.

But take comfort that every person that is vaccinated keeps you safer. Celebrate how quickly it was developed and your turn will come. It might be in a few weeks or a few months. That is the enormity of the situation.

My sympathy and empathy have limits, do yours?

I don't understand how I am expected to feel badly for those who have died from the recent pandemic.

I am heartbroken to think of the people who have no control over things -- nursing home patients, immunity comprised patients and on and on. But I don't understand how you can find it a priority and to avoid Covid burnout, which should not even exist, it is made up, during this pandemic that you must go to a restaurant; you must go to a Super Bowl party.

Millionaires must have sporting events to gain their greed and wealth and move ahead. If people would just follow the rules, back down and give it a break, we might have a chance in this entire pandemic situation. If you go to the Super Bowl, a party, meet with family members in a large gathering, I am supposed to feel bad for you that you ended up in the hospital and took the emergency room bed I may need in a medical emergency?

I have my limits and they are really being breached. Pay attention and stop feeling bad for yourself.

Really, just one day a year?

I am so astonished by the television commercials, the media, the commercialism, the retail stores pushing certain holidays, pushing Valentine's clothing, pushing new automobiles for Christmas for him and her.

Is not everyday, like it is in my life, your anniversary? Are you not in love every single day with your spouse or your special someone. Why is it that things are celebrated one day a year and in some instances the fighting and other problems begin the next morning?

I love my wife with every ounce of my heart. She is the reason I get up every single day, not just Feb. 14, not just Dec. 25, not on her birthday or mine. I expect nothing from her. She expects nothing from me. Every day is a holiday. Every day is a celebration if we go to sleep, awaken and see each other's faces.

I wouldn't fall for Hallmark or other commercial companies. I wouldn't buy candy one day a year. I believe if I am not mistaken, my wife likes candy on June 1, not just Feb. 14. She also deserves a gift every day of the week, not just on her birthday.

It's really a shame the way we are driven as a society to fall for these commercialism steering advertisements that make us think now is the time to tell them you love them.

Vaccinate fairly

We asked about the health department coming into our park and giving the vaccine.

This would be easier as we have a lot of residents who have a hard time getting to places. There are some who do not use a computer so they cannot make their appointments.

It just doesn't seem fair that some of the parks can get someone to come in and give their vaccines, and we can't even make an appointment to get a vaccine. Also, there was a newscast and it was all over Facebook that all Florida residents could go to a site, register for the vaccine and you would be called to make an appointment.

Well, that wasn't true. Your information goes in a queue and they do not call you. This is so wrong to do this and in my opinion is false information. Now you have people who did this and are waiting to be called for their appointment.

I think Volusia County better get their act together and treat people the same no matter where you live or who you are.


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