To drive on the beach or not to . . . ?

From time to time I notice the controversy about driving on the beach come up again in confounding discussion.

The same types of people seem to want to forever keep it always just as it's been, while the same type of others want to start to change it for the better. Having come around to seeing it from both points of view, no longer do I see such an easy answer for such a complex question.

During the past 45 years as a tourist/snowbird and permanent resident on the beachside, I've enjoyed the fun and convenience of driving up 'n down the beach. Despite, that is, the regrettable damage thereby done to the estuaries, ocean and coastal waterway.

Believing the beach patrol will sooner than later have the only gas vehicles remaining on the beach, and only a few at that, comes with mixed feelings. While happy to think such safeguards will assist to restore a once flourishing world-class life, I'm sad to think of aged and infirm folks less able to manage their own ways up and down the beach without access to cars. And, disillusioned by the well-to-do increasingly becoming influential enough to win their long-fought battle to keep their waterfront mansion views free from passing cars other than their own passing luxury cars.

A highlight of Speed Weeks

A big thank you to Ponce Inlet and Volusia County Commissioners for permitting the North Turn Race car beach parade.

Staging the cars on the beach was wonderful. People had on masks and kept to social distancing on the deck and the beach as best they could.

A special thank you to Walt and Rhonda Glasnak of Racing's North Turn for all the hard work and effort they put in to make this annual event possible. Without their tenacity this event would not have happened.

We talked to many of the tourists who said this parade is the highlight of their visit during Speed Weeks.

In reference to dogs on the beach

I agree with the person who brought up the fact the people take their dogs to the beaches that are designated no pets.

I live on the no-drive beach in New Smyrna Beach. Everyday that I am on the beach, I see several people walking or letting their dogs run on the beach with no leashes. There are numerous signs that state no pets allowed and even list the ordinance number of the law.

Key word is law. Why do people think it is OK to ignore the law because it does not suit them? Are we just to pick the laws that we like and ignore the ones that don't fit our lifestyle?

There are dog parks, a dog beach and a lot of other places you can take your pets. It seems we are becoming a society that feels they can ignore a law if it does not suit one's needs. And you cannot blame Covid-19 on justifying taking your dog to the beach where they are not allowed.

The law is the law not just a suggest. I hope our wonderful beach patrol people are issuing these people tickets and not just giving them warnings because they know they are in the wrong.

If you have a dog, be responsible and obey the law and respect those who are law-abiding citizens and have respect for your laws and other people.

Mask or a muzzle

Last year, it was all about wearing a mask.

This year, it's all about wearing a muzzle.

God help us.

Agrees with Dan

I would like to give a rave to Dan Smith's column, “Celebrating A Unique Automotive Heritage.”

Everything he said is so true. I agree with him. I wish more people would agree with him. He is always right on the money. It was a great column. I really enjoy his columns and I enjoy your paper.

In response to: 'Protecting an asset for economic gain'

I found Cecil Brumley's column rather offensive.

He wrote basically that local beach goers are economically noncontributing to our county and that visitors bring so much money to our area.

Well, I for one have lived here more than 40 years and I believe our property taxes along with groceries, plumbers, roofers, etc., contribute quite a bit to our area.

While vacationers do spend some money here, they also create expenses for cleanup after events, trashing our beaches with garbage, etc.

Also interesting was your stance on beach driving. Front page Hometown News Feb, 12 picture of “History Comes Alive” living legends auto racing parade -- on the beach. You speak out of both sides of your mouth.

Boy are we dumb consumers

After looking at several products throughout our home and wondering why are products, specifically for men, men's shampoo, lotion, deodorant, vitamins, and I could go on and on.

They are the exact same ingredients right down to a small fragrance difference that masks all the same similar products for women only. I am reading two major brands of deodorant, who I will not name to avoid slander, one is specifically for males and one is specifically for females.

These two brands have been around for decades. The ingredients, if any consumer would take a moment and turn them over and read them, are identical. Every single ingredient is absolutely identical.

We are being played so bad by major corporations and being led down the advertising avenue of stupidity. Read the ingredients on your products and don't fall for I better get shampoo specifically for men and honey, you better get shampoo specifically for women.

That is so sad and pathetic that we would actually fall for something like that. It will never catch me again. My wife and I now share the same vitamins that are only for men. And you know what, she has not developed biceps. She has not grown a beard and she has not developed an attitude. She is still feminine, pretty and all female.

Read your ingredients and don't be mislead by these corporations who want you to buy two products instead of one universally used.

Too far to go for vaccine

What's the deal with Publix and signing up for vaccines.

The first time we tried, we watched a time clock go from 0 to 60 seconds and then start over at zero for 59 minutes. Then it tells us there are no appointments available. OK, second try: First they offer you no choices except the state you live in. No choice to choose a county that you can go to. Our second try today in 48 minutes, the screen changes to Book An Appointment with a limited time to do so. The location available was for St. Augustine. Almost 100 miles away how convenient (from Edgewater). She went for it. Still waiting for a confirmation.

Why is it so difficult in 2021 to make up a consumer friendly website just by being able to add a county when entering website. Don't forget Publix, you are dealing with a lot of old people, me and my wife included.

If we are to go to this appointment in St. Augustine, that's two round trips. A total of about 400 miles. That's 16 gals of gas in our car. Figure out the math. Not cheap!

(Editor's note: It's 80 miles from Edgewater to St. Augustine, but we get his drift.)

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