Too reckless

I just read Covid in Volusia is down and this weekend the Ormond Beach Y has a swim meet with throngs of unmasked people milling around.

The parking lot overflowed to Madison Glen Apartments where I reside. RVs parked overnight. Do we not care this pandemic is still rampant and becoming more contagious?

The whole scene was upsetting and made me angry. I realize the kids have to live life and I take joy in young people, but not only are the adults throwing caution to the wind, they are setting a selfish, careless example. No wonder we are all at odds with each other. It's " me first " and to hell with the lives of others. Swim now … die later. Sure hope it was worth it.

Disaster waiting to happen

There is one of two things that needs to happen on the narrow two-lane John Anderson Drive in Ormond Beach.

They need to put in a bicycle lane or they need to put up signs saying no bicycles allowed. It is a disaster waiting to happen, if it hasn't already.

Thanks, Mullinax Ford

I would like to give a great big shout out to Mullinax Ford in New Smyrna Beach, especially Roger, Zach and J.J.

They were a pleasure to work with and we will go back there again.

Road savior

Recently I found my car with myself and my pup, ToTo, overheated on the side of Interstate 95 in a new Ford (that would be a rant and that’s not what this is).

A Road Ranger pulled up behind us, walked to the passenger side of my car and ask if he could help. Told him my story, he said “let me put my cones out, pop your hood and I will be right back.”

What a lifesaver. Topped off my coolant, that should get me to the dreaded Ford dealer. He also checked the oil, and looked at my hoses and belts.

Thank you Florida Department of Transportation, but more than that; a huge thank you to Tyler. A true gentleman, hero and really nice guy. ToTo says “Hi 5.”

Appreciate you Tyler.

Dangerous parking

Who can it be that lives on Kingfish in Bethune who still parks the vehicles on the road next to the stop sign?

Wait until someone gets hit (like I almost did) while trying to go around these vehicles, then maybe something will be done. They need to put in a parking space in their yard before someone gets hurt.

What were you thinking

What were you thinking as a man and woman who decided have a child or who accidentally had a child, which is God's blessing, that you would have society take care of the child or someone else would raise them?

Someone else would teach them. I am so tired of hearing parents complain they don't know what to do during the pandemic. I am going out of my mind because my children are home all the time. Is that now what family is?

I used to regret having my children go to school because I couldn't spend time with them during the day. They were gone for seven hours each day, five days a week. It was loneliest days I could imagine without them by my side, and when we were together it was a blessing.

I don't understand parents nowadays who say they are going out of their minds, who don't know how to educate their child and they have to have a tutor come in and have to put them online and do this and do that. Wow, what a burden. I don't think it was a burden the night you decided to conceive that child unless maybe it was.

People look for any reason to dismiss their bad behavior

As a recovered addict, I find it hard to believe there is a spike in the United States in opiates abuse as a result of Covid-19 and isolation.

Anyone who knows anything about addiction, knows that an addict addicted to anything, whether it be a doughnut, Fentanyl, heroin or alcohol, will look for any excuse to dismiss their bad behavior.

I am tired of hearing that the pandemic has caused a spike in opioids abuse. That is just absolutely crazy. Pull your pants up, put your shirt on and man up and take care of yourself. You have not exempted just because you have an issue. We all have issues. Take care of yours and stop blaming Covid -19.

In response to: ‘Get out of the Dark Ages’

I just want to say that a casino on the east coast north would be a welcome entertainment and money revenue for Volusia and surrounding counties.

If you don’t like gambling, you can stay away, but don’t tell other people what they have to do. We go to other counties and leave our money there, and we know Volusia needs money, so why not outside, on a parcel of land, build a casino.

We have a poker room, which is, in my opinion, discrimination to slot machine players that this is allowed but not a casino. Again, stay at home if you don’t like to gamble, but don’t tell us what to do.

Great Congressional response

We are fortunate to have Congressman Michael Waltz representing our congressional district.

His office does an excellent job responding to the questions and concerns of our community. Mr. Waltz continues to make a special effort to personally meet, understand and serve the various needs of his constituents. Thank you Mr. Waltz for your efforts on our behalf.

Winn Dixie BOGO scams

How can people be so gullible to fall for Winn Dixie advertising buy one get one,when they double the prices?

Recently they show a ribs BOGO at $7.99 a pound. When was the last time you paid $8 a pound? Josh wine is on sale at $14.99. It’s $10.97 at Total Wine!

Amazing that they get away with this and many other so called sale items.

Better vaccinating

On Jan. 20, my wife called the Florida Covid-19 Scheduling Support Line and left our information.

The number was for Duval County Jacksonville, where they are vaccinating seven days a week 9 a.m.-5 p.m. On Jan. 25, they called us and scheduled two appointments, hers on Jan. 30 and mine on Jan. 31. The site is the Regency Square Mall, in the closed Sears store. Her time was 25 minutes and mine was 45 minutes from start to finish. We will have our second shot in 28 days and they call us. We met a couple from Naples who had a five-hour drive; ours was less than two hours from Edgewater.

The Army National Guard, FEMA, and the medical staff were professional, helpful and kind. I don't understand why more counties aren't this efficient. Volusia County Department of Health needs to follow this plan.

Disturbed by the unmasked

I enjoy reading the Hometown News and, as a previous human resources director and city risk manager, I look at the news through this lens.

I was greatly disturbed to see in the most recent issue nine photos of people grouped with other people, none of whom were wearing masks. I counted three photos where people were appropriately masked.

I know health care workers are putting in endless hours to save lives due to Covid-19 as are rescue personnel, fire and police, nursing home staff and many others who go to work to serve the public.

To display the photos of those who are not mask protected is insensitive and irresponsible, to say the least. It does not honor those who work endless hours and those who have lost loved ones in this fight. Maybe next issue you can exercise some mindfulness regarding the pictures you show. Thanks for letting me vent.

In response to: 'Train them better'

I couldn't agree more with the rant in your Jan. 29 edition.

For years I have had the same problems as these people have had. I receive mail from other people and not having my mail delivered to the right people. I have complained to the post office a number of times. I am tried of it, and if I could find someone higher up to complain to, I would.

I want to think about both pandemics

We have Covid-19, which we are all very well aware of.

There is another hidden pandemic that may be silenced by legislation, by Food and Drug Administration laws and regulations.

My wife and I spent an extensive amount of time, I am 58 years old and she is 44 years old, looking up sodium levels to see what we are consuming in the United States. Though we try to limit those efforts.

Why during Heart Appreciation Month are we legally restricted from announcing the amount of sodium in one cheeseburger or slider. You would not believe the amount of sodium in one cheeseburger or slider. Look it up for yourself.

We have two pandemics, one that is resulting in obesity and early death by heart disease, and we have another caused by Covid-19. The world is full of disease, problems and issues, but we seem to only identify one that attacks quickly. How about the long-term suffering death and the problems that develop over 20 years from eating fast food.

Their food is disgusting. They hide the nutrition information. At many of them, you can only find it online.

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