Upon the most important subject of education

Having been a student for 18 years and a teacher for 40, school for me is forever linked to the end of summer vacation and the promise of fall.

Ergo, I appreciate the recent Hometown News emphasis on labs, tutoring, higher education infrastructure, early learning reading, library programs, lecture series, book clubs, sports clinics/athletic training, arts activities, self-help classes and support groups.

Pre-school through post-graduate, vocational and adult education merit such coverage continuously. Especially with serious respect to achieving safe, healthy, state-of-the-art educational environments and professionally trained and well-paid educators for all learners, no matter socio-economic, racial, religious, political or gender-related circumstances. As also does continuing notice of enlightening opportunities offered at libraries, science centers, art galleries and museums.

I concur with Abraham Lincoln some 180 years ago when he said, "Upon the subject of education, . . . I view it as the most important subject, which we as a people may be engaged in."

An appreciation of actresses

I totally enjoyed the final performance of “The Smell of The Kill” on the Thank You Five Stage.

What an unbelievable ride!

Three fantastically talented women did a wonderful job presenting their characters in this dark comedy.

Making the audience laugh hysterically while plotting a totally immoral act cannot be easy. But these beautiful actors seemed to have no difficulty at all.

They had us realize how painful each of their lives had become and, at the same time, pulled us in with their unbelievable comedic skills.

Thank you Bethany Stillion, Emily Sitwell and Aliviah Williams for your dead on, perfect portrayals.

You reminded us how very lucky we are to have such a wonderful performing arts company right here in Port Orange.

Dangerous right turn lane

The right turn lane on U.S. 1 to turn on to State Road 442 in Edgewater is hazardous!

The lane begins before the entrance to the Best Western on U.S. 1. Drivers making the right turn, get into the lane prematurely and at too high a speed with no regard for those attempting the almost impossible re-entry on to U.S. 1 southbound.

Many times this occurs while the light at the intersection is red. The law says you must stop before proceeding to turn right on red. Most of these drivers are going at least 40 mph and never even slow down.

Perhaps whatever department is responsible for this section of U.S. 1 should re-evaluate the length of this turn lane and consider re-engineering the lane to begin after the side street that is used to depart from CVS and Best Western. That no deaths have occurred here is a miracle.

In response to: 'Higher taxes equal better services'

Northern states with high taxes significantly reduce the spendable income of the working and retired.

They use hidden and creative new taxes to survive bankruptcy.

In downstate Illinois, my state income tax was 5%, city and/or county income tax varied, the sales tax was 9.75% and my property tax on a modest Illinois condo was 21/2 times the property tax on my new home in Florida.

Illinois goods and services were more expensive. Twice the General Assembly tried to reduce retired teacher pensions only to be stopped by the Illinois Supreme Court. With social services more efficient and organized, people continue to leave the high tax northern states and move to Florida.

What is enforceable?

Seems the City of Daytona Beach, lawyers included, need to find the legal definition of enforceable laws.

Are scammers and large venue attractions excluded from the law and, if so, is the law year-round or just for summers?

We attempted to enjoy an evening out at Longhorn Steakhouse on West International Speedway Boulevard. My husband got out of the car and went to get my wheelchair out. We had just watched a 30-something get out of a fancy sports, dropping him off at the front door of the restaurant, and he immediately made a beeline for our car, blocking my way and where my husband could not see or hear me until I screamed “no, get away from me, get a job like everyone else.”

Since I am an easy target and a handicapped senior female, I will now carry a weapon and take full advantage of stand your ground since management has told us there is nothing the police can do after several complaints and phone calls.

Great job Daytona politicians. Perhaps the political people that be could contact the tourist city of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and ask how scammers go to jail there. There aren't any.

Should billboards be bobbing in the water

Why is a company allowed to essentially put a "billboard" on the Halifax River east of Aunt Catfish in Port Orange?

There has been a pontoon boat permanently parked in the river, on the south side of the bridge, for months, advertising boat rides.

If this is allowed, I will put my business sign there also. If it's not allowed, who can I call to report it?

In response to 'Drug test them'

The writer wanted to know why we don't drug test welfare people.

One very simple explanation: While I don't know if you have been in a coma for the past 10 years or what, but it doesn't work.

Here are 5 reasons why it doesn't work

1. Welfare recipients don't do drugs at much higher rates than anyone else.

2. It doesn't actually catch people who use drugs.

3. It's ineffective partly because it's unconstitutional.

4. Drug use and addiction are not the same thing.

5. If you took the time to look up this question, you would have found out they were spending more money on testing than finding people on welfare on drugs.

I am really tired of people thinking that because someone is unable to feed their families and they go through the process of getting Food Stamps or SNAP that they are deadbeats.

Instead of being so judgmental, might I suggest you spend that time doing something positive, like helping out at a homeless shelter to find out why people are truly down on their luck. I don't think you will like the answer.

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