In response to: 'Dangerous right turn lane'

Thank you for the laugh, I use that right turn lane (on U.S. 1 at State Road 442) almost daily and I have never seen any of the things you mentioned.

I have seen people get in the lane slow down for the Best Western, then turn their signal on, making you think they might turn into the pharmacy store, but no, they go all the way to the turn on State Road 442. What I see is people just sitting there.

You can make a right on red if it is clear, but people will sit there in a daze not moving, so please tell me when you witness all these actions your talking about, because I really want to see them. Oh and by the way, be thankful there is even a right turn lane.

Parking lot mess

The parking lot on Flagler Avenue beach approach is a mess.

The holes are deep enough for a car to get lost. The guy they hired to blow off the sand is blowing it right onto/into the cars that come to watch the sunrise.

The place is a mess and whoever is in charge never shows up to check on the so-called worker. We have been going to sunrise for eight years, everyday, and have never seen such a mess in a place that could be so beautiful if it was cared for properly.

Golf carts equal disaster

Golf Carts are becoming a “major” traffic hazard in New Smyrna Beach.

I was told by the police that golf carts could travel roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less. Problem is that they travel about 18 to 20 mph, impeding traffic. It is normal to see up to 10 cars behind a golf cart on Saxon Avenue in New Smyrna Beach. On the Fourth of July, I witnessed a golf cart full of people driving over the bridge of South Causeway. On Aug. 12, I witnessed a golf cart headed North on Atlantic Avenue and, in both cases, the speed limit exceeds 35 mph.

It is just a matter time before riders in a golf cart are killed. It is too bad someone will have to die to get resolution on restricting golf carts. I have an email response from a county councilman, stating golf carts were good for the New Smyrna Beach economy. It took someone getting killed at Hiles and South Atlantic to get yellow lights for people to cross A1A safely, and you are still taking your life in your own hands. Just a note to our city and county leaders – New Smyrna Beach is not The Villages.

Walkers beware

Speeding bicyclists who use phones while riding are just as dangerous as cars.

I found out last Monday on John Anderson Drive in Ormond-by-the-Sea. My neighbor and I were walking against traffic, when a bicyclist (probably doing more than 25 mph), crossed the center line and smashed into the two of us, from behind. I landed on top of his bicycle. My neighbor had minor bruising, but I had a broken jaw. He admitted he was looking at his iPhone and not paying attention.

Please, please put the phones away when riding. The next time could have more dire consequences.

Great service

Last week, I saw two New Smyrna Beach police changing a tire in the median of U.S. 1 in New Smyrna Beach in 90-degree heat for an elderly man.

I would like to praise them for the Good Samaritan attitude. Great work guys and thank you for your great service.

Are there double standards in Ormond Beach?

While driving on U.S. 1 in Ormond Beach, you will see several businesses with banners, the vertical type that are used to advertise their business.

To me, that would seem to be an economical way to advertise, but evidently there is city policy or an ordinance that prohibits the use of these banners. The reason that I say this is because I was in one of those establishments a while back, and they told me that they had received a certified letter telling them to remove their banners, or be fined. They removed their banners.

I have a question concerning this matter. Why did they have to remove their banners and the other businesses haven't removed theirs?

Bad customers also can hurt a business

On Aug. 3, around 5 p.m., I stopped in at the McDonald's on Ridgewood Avenue in Holly Hill.

No line, but no one was taking orders. I waited at least 5 minutes, then a line started and two people cut in front of me, so I left in anger. Their conduct of cutting in front of me cost McDonald's to lose a $5 order and also a bleak story on how poor customer control is at this establishment.

Later that night while shopping at the Speedy Mart on Tenth and Center avenues, a customer must have knocked over more merchandise and the store clerk complained. That customer tore into him trying to make the clerk feel guilty for doing his job. Falling merchandise can be a hazard especially to small children.

If a person is having visual difficulties due to broken visual aids. What are the reason he didn't ask for any help? The customers conduct could fall under mental abuse, emotional abuse, making a person feel guilty for their property conduct.

Customer conduct can trigger bleak and gloomy feelings and cause customers to stay away and give the store/establishment a zero out of five reference to their friends, neighbors, family and colleagues. When that occurs that is a loss of a lot of money. Some places would have to close and people would have to shop in a store they possibly don't like.

For all actions, there will always be consequence: positive action, positive consequence, gloomy conduct, a very bleak consequence. Note: I have a bachelor's degree in psychology.

Bring your passport

When renewing your driver's license, if you have a passport, you do not need all that other stuff. So bring your passport.

Check your receipt

Please check your receipts.

I was getting some fast foot in DeLand, and I was overcharged 50 cents. It does not sound like a lot, but how many people are being overcharged.

It's the truth

The truth is most homeless are out there because they choose to do so, not all, but most.

Don't want to comply or conform to a normal existence, they would rather do drugs and alcohol and expect free services and donations to survive. Don't forget all the theft created by drug addiction. You can't help a drug addict if he or she doesn't want to get clean. That's the inconvenient truth.

All you do gooders, why don't you take in some of these homeless and see how long before you notice items missing and maybe even you come up missing. Face the reality. We have a serious drug and alcohol problem that fuels the homeless issue and helps create mental issues with prolonged abuse. That's the truth.

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