A taxi service blessing

Luckily I am rarely in need of a taxi cab.

On Sunday morning, when there is no Votran running in New Smyrna Beach, I needed a taxi. I called New Smyrna Beach Taxi Cab Co. I had called the evening before and let them know I needed them at 6 the next morning. Sunday morning they called me at 5:35 to confirm I still needed a ride.

I very much like the confirmation call, so I know they hadn't forgotten me. Dan was in my driveway on time at 6 a.m. Nice, friendly guy . I needed them twice that morning. Both times Dan was on time. No issues at all.

Would definitely use this taxi company again.

Employ local

This is a rave for Tom Yelveton and son of Discount Carpet Tile and Upholstery Cleaning.

They did a professional job. They were polite. I think they should be commended. I like to employ local when every possible.

In response to: 'Check your receipt'

To that dude who was shorted 50 cents at McDonald's.

There are so many problems these days: climate change, gun violence, self-driving cars. If this is your biggest problem, you live a charmed life.

Too expensive

Once again there is chatter about forcing an expensive sewer system on Ormond-by-the-Sea for the singular reason of annexing the north peninsula into the city.

These commissioners have been trying to do it for years and it appears they are going about this in a backhanded way. If you don't want a huge expense to hook up to the system and then the huge bills that go with it, now is the time to speak up.

In response to: 'Walkers beware'

I don't know why there are bicycles on John Anderson to start with.

It is very dangerous. It is two lanes, very narrow. It is dangerous when bicycles and cars are trying to share the same narrow road.

Fair Warning -- Please

So, now Dan Smith thinks of himself as a film critic.

Like him, a baby boomer, I eagerly attended “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” at a recent New Smyrna Beach matinee. While we agree about the stellar acting, art direction, cinematography, costume design and musical score, I'm concerned he left it at that.

My point being what he failed to mention concerning writer/director/producer Quentin Tarantino's meticulous, though lengthy, depiction of 1969. That is, his irresponsible lack of warning to those who might be concerned about the movie's macabre mix of brutality and humor.

Catching myself and some others in the audience self-consciously laughing during the gruesome over-the-top next to last scene, I even noticed an older couple walk out. (Unfortunately, they missed the saving grace provided by the bittersweet – though subversive – happily ever after fairy-tale conclusion.)

Among other responsibilities a reviewer is wise to forewarn movie goers of possibly objectionable content matter. Mr. Smith was remiss in doing quite the opposite. Film fans deserve to know what they're getting themselves into before purchasing admission tickets.

To say the least, it was misleading of Dan Smith to rave, "The movie's all about fun." And, as such, he'd do well to go back to local Florida matters and leave matters of Hollywood to those with discerning sensitivity for the feelings of others.

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