Marina approval a sad day

It’s a sad day in America when something like this is allowed to happen.

Instead of requiring a developer to follow the rules (rules established by the city) and scale back his plans for a marina with a restaurant, bar, bait shop, kayak rental, etc. to fit the size of the property he purchased, elected officials instead are giving him a public roadway. This roadway he plans to use for parking, to place several large retaining ponds, a dumpster and use as a loading dock (all things that should be done on his property, not a public use roadway).

And as if that isn’t bad enough all this will cause serious harm to the neighbors of this property by limiting their ability to access their home as this roadway is their only point of entry. Look closely folks, this is what greed and corruption have led to and it should frighten us all. I will never patronize this marina!

In response to: 'State road atrocity'

I am in agreement with the writer about the condition of State Road 44.

My complaint has to do with the area near the fairgrounds in DeLand. Both eastbound and westbound sides from west of the intersection of 44 and Prevatt Avenue to the entrance to westbound Interstate 4 is full of debris of all kinds, including glass pieces.

On three separate occasions, glass or rocks on the road were propelled into my windshield from cars in front of me, causing damage each time. It doesn't help that the entrance to the "recycling facility," a.k.a. dump, is at that particular intersection and things fly off vehicles turning in there.

But there is good news! I called and wrote the FDOT, and was told there is a contract for repaving of that whole area and the project is scheduled to start this month. If it actually happens, driving will be a lot safer.

A big ole' weedy mess

I live in northern Ormond-by-the-Sea. I walk and ride my bike every day along S.R. A1A as far as the Flagler line.

It’s my understanding the county is supposed to mow anything east of the sidewalks. Most homeowners cut this area, but some do not. Then there are the homeowners who don’t cut west from the sidewalks to their fence or concrete wall.

There are several areas now where you can’t walk or ride without being attacked by overgrown foliage. Some areas are less than 12 inches wide to commute through. We have seen snakes and wildlife crossing the sidewalks in these tall weed areas. Why are my tax dollars not paying to have this mess cleaned up?

Stop the robo calls

As senior citizens, we are late sleepers, and don’t hurry to get out of bed too early, usually around 9 a.m.

But lately we have been disturbed by a caller (robo telemarketer).

The funny thing is, it’s our phone number being used as we look at the dial to see who is calling.

The person states that Microsoft has detected a compromise of your IP address and to correct, please press (1).

By doing so, some other person answers and ask you to go to your computer and he will instruct you what to do. (This person is definitely not from the South … maybe Pakistan.)

Do not do this, hang up.

Why can’t the phone companies or the State of Florida, other states or even the U.S. government put a stop to this?

Legalize it

If we refuse to make weed legal, people will still smoke no matter what, and we will continue to make the drug cartels mega rich.

How about pro-choice Drinking is legal and I don't drink, so just because its legal, doesn't mean everyone will be smoking.

In Colorado, they have so much tax surplus since legalization they are scrambling to find ways to spend it responsibly. Las Vegas sells more than $1 million of legal weed per day, that's just Vegas, that does not count what it is being sold statewide.

Pot has been proven over and over to have numerous medical benefits with chemo, seizures , menstrual relief, sleep aid, not to mention muscle pain and many others, like glaucoma.

People have a glass of wine or cocktail after work to wind down or help with sleep. Why not allow the same for a weed consumer? Here's the best part for those who don't smoke, its edible and God created it, not some lab experimenting on monkeys and rats.

Drug test them

Please petition our politicians to start drug testing all welfare, food stamp recipients and government sponsored housing.

I was random drug tested to keep my job. Why shouldn't these people have similar guidelines? I don't feel obligated to help people that refuse to comply with basic rules and expect hard working people to carry the load.

We need to make a stand and stop supporting drug addicts, especially the ones who steal from us and defraud the system.

Did the right thing

Earlier in the year, a Florida Shores neighbor who routes through Majestic Oaks to U.S. 1 (in Edgewater), swerved to avoid a squirrel and mowed down an uplight to the subdivision's main entrance sign.

The squirrel lived, the driver continued on to work and that might have been the end of it. No one would have been the wiser, and the HOA would have made the unplanned repair at its resident’s expense.

But this young man did the right thing and went out of his way to own up, report the accident and insist on paying for the damage. After the repair was completed, the HOA offered to split the cost of the replacement fixture to reward the commuter for his honesty. He knows who he is. We know who he is. We hope his employer, his neighbors, his friends, and his kids know who he is.

Well done, Mr. A.

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