No apologies rendered

Are you serious? I do not believe the responses coming in from the New Smyrna Beach residents.

Do they think the live in a bubble? A safety zone where they cannot be touched by Covid-19. We won't go into that subject because that is worldwide.

Is a log lying on the beach really the only thing you can consider. Is a poodle who did a doo-doo in the yard the only thing that matters. The lady down the street has her clothes on a clothes line on a day she his not suppose to.

Be real people. Wake up. The world is in a situation that is not comfortable. There are multiply hurricanes headed for you and all you can this about is a log on the beach. You must live in a sheltered world with a big checkbook, and I don't understand why you think you are more important that the rest of the planet. Be real.

Keep it real, and stop complaining about the little things and be grateful that you are healthy and alive and have enough lung capacity to complain about everything.

Dollar store needs some work

The Dollar Tree off Nova Road in Riverwood Plaza next to Winn-Dixie needs serious repair.

The carpet is nasty. It probably has mold. The ceiling tiles were leaking so bad in the storm. They had buckets sitting everywhere and products covered up.

The only thing I will say is they are pretty well stocked usually and the cashier was a very nice young man.

People need help

The government, Republicans and Democrats, is sitting on a ton of money and we are starving to death.

We should take away their paychecks and gasoline for the cars, put eviction notices on their houses and empty their refrigerators out. This way they will know how the American people are living today and maybe, they will do something about it.

Follow pedestrian rules

If there are no sidewalks by a road or highway, Florida law 316.130(4) specifies that pedestrians may walk by the side of the road.

In all circumstances, pedestrians must walk on the shoulder of the road. They must walk against the flow of traffic, on the left side of the road.

This is something I learned as a young child. It is amazing how many people tempt fate by walking on the wrong side of the road. And, drivers, slow down near pedestrians.

Not enough mask control

We usually eat out four to five times a week, but since the virus and masks, we have not eaten out since March or April.

We go to restaurants. I look in the kitchen to see if the staff are wearing masks. If they aren't wearing masks, we walk out.

The waitresses always have masks on. Since this started I can't find a place. We have been eating at home every night.

You're welcome

Hometown News, thanks for all you do to keep us informed.

Wonderful healthcare

I want to give a shout out to all the wonderful registered nurses at AdventHealth in Daytona Beach.

I have been there twice to be treated. They were exceptional, knowledgeable and polite. I got extreme good care. I recommend AdventHealth to anyone who needs care. They are wonderful.

Response to “The Cost of Wearing a Mask”

I too, had a problem with the masks that fit around the ear interfering with my hearing aids; several times I nearly lost one.

I now wear the mask that has an elastic around the back of the neck and another that fits across the top of the head. Voila, no more problems. I purchased a few online at Etsy and also made a few.

In response to: 'Eerie Walmart experience'

Doesn't the couple writing about the weird experience in Walmart notice that this is happening in every store?

Empty shelves, often mislabeled shelves, and all the rest of the confusion is because we are in the midst of a serious pandemic. As long as this continues, the more empty shelves there will be with products becoming harder and harder to find.

I say thank you to all the stores and their employees who are doing the best they can. At least a hurricane is over in days. Folks, we're just getting started with the pandemic, which has a long way to go before it is over.

Edgewater rudeness

The City of Edgewater wants people to move here.

There is one or two big problems with that. One is jobs and businesses in Edgewater, and the other are the slobs. I have never ever in my life lived in a city that has so many people choosing to throw their garbage out the window. I guess mommy and daddy still clean their rooms. It is extremely disrespectful and flat out rude.

Every single day we have to pick up people's trash from fast food restaurants that they just throw out of their car window. We have cameras now on our yard. We now see who is doing it. I don't know if your parents know how badly they did raising you, but they failed miserably.

The rudeness and the complete disrespect for other people's yards is clear. I wonder how well those houses will sell when people start seeing that not all the pigs in Edgewater walk on four legs.

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