Curious mail delivery

This is not a rant or a rave. I am curious as to actions of our postal carrier in our neighborhood.

We live in Florida Shores, and our normal carrier was out on medical leave. She delivered our mail for years, and has always delivered later in the afternoon (usually after 3 p.m.)

While she was away, the substitute carrier had our mail delivered late morning or early afternoon.

Why is there such a difference in delivery times? It doesn't make a difference what time our mail is delivered, but we got used to early delivery and are just curious?

It’s a Thank You

Thank you to the “powers that be.”

Had opportunity to walk across both the Seabreeze and Oakridge bridges a few times. Able to navigate quite well now. Thanks for investing the time, refreshing the sidewalk and giving it a regular scheduled maintenance.

Thank you for hearing a voice crying out and responding to it.

In response to: 'Leave the beach pass alone'

I grew up in Ormond Beach and, even though now in my 80s, I still love the beach.

I don't get there as often as I would like, but I think it is only fair that those who use the beach pay the nominal fee for residents. It would be great if the county could provide more oceanfront parks.

I don't mind parking on A1A and walking down the steps. Those who are handicapped or have small children really need the convenience of parking on the beach. Maybe oceanfront hotels should pay a little extra tax since their customers have the convenience of just walking out the front door for a wonderful experience.

Grateful for good policing

I feel extremely grateful Volusia County has an experienced and aware law enforcement presence.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood has insisted on de-escalation training and continues every day to protect and serve everyone equally. Former Daytona Beach Police Chief Craig Capri was and current Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young is an important part of that teamwork and commitment to equality in policing our communities. Community interaction and outreach are ongoing and vitally important programs. We are blessed to have law enforcement professionals with training, common sense and empathy.

In reading what I wrote, I know I left out many local departments, not because they are not equal, but because I do not personally know them well. It is so important, at this moment in time, to express gratitude and appreciation for All who serve.

It's a really stressful job.

Little Trees or big flags

In light of a recent tragic outcome, we have now all been made aware of the fact that it's "unlawful" to have items (Little Trees air fresheners) hanging from rear view mirrors in cars.

The theory behind this -- it can potentially block a driver's view if you believe that?

However, more recently, in our own hometown, there is a particular "individual" that has been driving around with two "flags" that are about the size of half of his truck out of his truck bed. One is a flag that could be considered offensive to a certain racial group. The other should be considered offensive to everyone based on the disgusting language and hate it spews.

I don't know about anyone else, but if I were a visitor from out of town/state, I would think this area is pretty low-class to have residents driving around with a flags with that type of message, no matter what party you support.

How are these "safe" to drive around with? They block the view of drivers behind them and are distracting. Is this even legal? Maybe this ought to be looked into more than stopping people for having an air freshener dangling on their mirror.

Stop short-term rentals

In the year 2011, the Volusia County Council voted in a concession to the single-family residential property code by allowing property owners to rent their properties for a period of not less than 30 days.

In spite of that concession, many property owners, who are not necessarily residents, continue to rent their properties for periods of less than 30 days in violation of the code. Volusia County Code Enforcement's position continues to be reactive versus proactive in that they do not enforce these code violations unless a neighbor files a complaint.

Now, since the proliferation of online short-term rental management companies more of our neighbors are being subjected to these illegal rentals. Horror stories of occupancy exceeding reasonable capacity, partying into the night, parking on right of ways, parking in and blocking neighbors driveways, accumulation of trash and even using a neighbor's pool.

In order to substantiate a complaint, Code Enforcement requires neighbors to provide photographs, dates and times of the violations.

Today in Bethune Beach, companies and individuals are buying properties for the sole purpose of a short-term rental businesses. Make no mistake, the proliferation of short-term rental businesses destroys residential communities and could be coming to your community next.

Please help the Bethune Beach residents by contacting your Volusia County Council member to voice your opposition to any change to the single family residential property code. You will not only be helping Bethune Beach but possibly your own community in the future.

In response to: 'Keep the Chair in Line'

I would like to say that Jeff Brower won the election because we are sick and tired of all the 'money people' who have been running this county for far too long.

So many decisions on what, or what does not happen in this county has been controlled by money and developers. Most, if not all, of these decisions over the past few years have proven to be a disaster for the eco-system, wildlife and the general well being of our county. We were so tired of the "You shake my hand and I'll shake yours" that we voted for a man who would help change the pattern. That man is Jeff Brower.

Mr. Brower is not a bully. He is simply standing up for the people who voted him into office. Mr. Brower is an honest man who actually cares what happens in Volusia County. He is not afraid to stand up to money and developers, which is why we voted for him.

I wonder why the author of last week’s rant doesn’t want to sell naming rights to someone who has the money to do so. It is a lovely way to generate money for the county or city to use in maintaining the approaches to the beach.

My allegiance remains with Jeff Brower. We voted him into office for a reason, and it seems he is stepping on old school toes. Hurrah.

In response to; 'Dogs on the beach'

The New Smyrna Dunes Park allows dogs on the beach, that is enough.

The reason I say that is because with just the one area. people go out of their way to make it bad. If you cannot follow the rules on one beach, why open other beaches to the same issues? If you want to have dogs on more beaches, show respect for the rules. Dogs must be leashed at the beach, not running free. Putting your towels over the signs doesn't make the law change.

We had two beautiful wolf dogs we took there a lot. We had made special leads so we could let them run where they could. I had to constantly deal with dogs either off leash or dragging their leash behind them. I have seen dogs running loose bite people, bite children, go after other dogs. So show your maturity first with the Dunes Park before allowing your dogs to terrorize others.

In response to: 'Just move'

Seriously? Didn't you move to the area because you love the atmosphere?

The beaches, the uncrowded lifestyle? The fishing and now you want to move here and change all of that because you live here now? Why not move back to where you moved from and change things there instead of deciding that you know better about how the cities should be handled.

I worked in Vegas and I worked at the same casino for 10 years, every new employee would say when I worked at this hotel or that casino we did things this way. One supervisor would take them to the door and say see that sign out there? Well that is the name of this casino and we do things our way here.

Get vaccinated

I have a question for the people who refuse to get the vaccine?

Why? Don't you want this country opened back up? Aren't you tired of being told to wear a mask? Are you just too afraid to get a vaccine? Does the needle scare you?

All I have heard from the anti-vaxers is they don't want to wear a mask. They want to walk into stores. They are tired of not being able to go to work. So now is the time to stop your childish whining and get vaccinated, so we can all get back to life as normal. Stop being so selfish.

You got vaccinated to go to school, when you travel to a different country, you join the military. Put your big kid panties on and be an adult, get vaccinated.

Still good people

On April 20. while walking in Publix parking lot to go shopping, in torrential rain, I slipped and fell.

I am 80 years old and if it wasn't for two young ladies picking me up, I would still be there. They also offered to do my shopping. God bless them both. There are still good people in this world.

Stupid idea

I can't understand what they were thinking when they OK'ed advertising on the water by the beach.

This has got to be one of the stupidest ideas ever. Why would anyone want ads spoiling their view of the water and ruining what is supposed to be a restful day at the beach? I really hope this permit can be revoked.

In response to: 'Just move'

Are you serious? What gives you the right to tell people to move because you refuse any possible change.

Yankee go home, really? Do you have any ideas how many of those Yankees live in Florida permanently? Not to mention the tourism industry, which includes your precious racing, which Florida benefits from. All of which is funded by Yankees.

In response to: 'Everyone wants to rule the world'

There is a thing called global warming.

I suppose you think your exhaust, litter and pollution are not contributors. No, that's baloney. All you can come up with is people just want to buy condos and forbid other selfish people from enjoying the beach.

There are many other ways to enjoy the beach and believe me Volusia County is the last place anyone would want to take over.

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