Lights are way too bright

Is it just me or are these new LED lights blinding and too bright?

During Bike Week, many of the bikes had headlights that are absolutely blinding. I don’t believe it was because they had the brights on. I suppose that is possible, but there were many with these new LED headlamps. A lot of these pickup trucks and some cars also seem to sport these overly bright LED lights also.

This is particularly annoying and dangerous as the pickup trucks are generally higher than the average car. This puts the headlight beam directly in the eyes of oncoming traffic or directly in the side and rear view mirrors.

Also, rear view mirrors no longer come with the offset switch to diffuse brights from a vehicle behind you. Should this be a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issue?

Don't need your theories

I was shopping on Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach Saturday, April 17.

I entered a retail store that sold clothing and a little jewelry. The minute the clerk saw me with a mask on she proceeded to tell me her political views on the virus. It is not real. Dr. Fauci is a quack and how long do I intend on wearing that mask?

She said she was forced into getting a vaccine because her son and daughter-in-law will not talk to her if she didn't. She continued on with her views and I found myself trying to defend my actions, which was wrong. I left and never will return.

I see this situation as a pathetic person trying to validate what she believes by approaching a complete stranger, me, with her theory. She was trying to get me to agree with her. I didn't. I love Canal and had spent $100 in one of the shops that same day.

Life has been rough on our small town. I am taking a positive approach and moving forward. Sadly there are still people out there stirring the pot an trying to create havoc.

In response to: 'Leave the beach pass alone'

The writer, who expressed concern about the loss of beach revenue and associated services if the county were to provide free beach access to drive on the beach, presented only part of the “story” resulting in a totally misleading picture of the idea.

The idea is to first look into whether alternate sources of revenue could be generated to replace the cost. For example, by having sponsors name beach approaches or charging oceanfront hotel guests (who currently do not pay to use the beach) a small fee. If alternate replacement revenue source(s) could be generated no loss of revenue would result.

Second, the idea, if replacement revenue is generated, is to then waive the cost of beach access only to county residents, who already pay for beach services in their taxes. Non-residents would continue to be charged.

For once we have a representative on the County Council who is looking out for the citizens by seeking solutions to allow county taxpayers to keep some of their hard-earned money as opposed to seeking to increase our taxes. We should all applaud and support these types of efforts.

Everybody wants to rule the world

Why are newcomers to our area so wrongfully insistent that driving on the beach needs to stop because it “burns holes in the ozone” or causes litter and pollution?

Baloney, isn't it because they are determined to be the last person to buy a condo or home on the ocean, and then selfishly forbid all others from enjoying the beautiful, hard-packed sand and amenities few other beaches have to offer.

It is a public beach. We live here because we like it that way. Quit trying to own the world.

Just move

In regards to Friday’s Rants & Raves, those who have lived in many coastal towns without beach driving, go back there if that’s what you want.

Why do “you” people seem to think that whenever you move somewhere you have to change it to suit your needs. We’ve had beach driving in Daytona Beach and even beach racing for a long time.

Same goes for gambling and slot machines. If you like that kind of thing, New Jersey and Nevada are where you need to move. Is there any wonder why the phrase “Yankee go home” is still around. You don’t like how we do things, then it’s simple, move.

No dogs on the beach

Once again Volusia is considering dogs on the beach.

The county council is to take it up in a meeting. Please, I like dogs, but I have lived in one town that was ruined by this. Once it was out that we were a beach that allowed dogs, dog clubs would come from other areas just ruining the beach, not their town, not their problem.

Dogs that were supposed to be leashed ran freely, jumping on whoever they wanted to and the hours were never adhered to. The town got put on TripAdvisor as a dog beach, not a human beach that allows dogs.

But the worse thing was the smell. So all you condo owners get use to shut sliders, because if you ever smelled 10 poop dog bags baking in the sun for eight hours with the wind blowing from the beach, you will know exactly why dogs do not belong on the beach, never mind the turtles and crabs that lay dead.

Keep the chair in line

Kudos to Volusia County Council members Barbara Girtman, Ben Johnson, Dr. Fred Lowry and Billie Wheeler for their opposition to County Chair Jeff Brower during the Tuesday, April 6, meeting.

Mr. Brower's proposal to sell naming rights to the beach approaches is just one more example of his failure of leadership. Since assuming office in January, Mr. Brower has shown disregard for the administrative practices and procedures of the County Council. Examples include his last minute additions to agenda items, attempts to appoint individuals to advisory committees who do not meet the membership criteria as well as allowing motions and voting on items not on the agenda.

As has been the case with other items before the council, Mr. Brower made every effort to exert pressure on the council members to rush to a decision. Dr. Lowry showed great strength of character by confronting the inappropriate behavior of the chair. Also, Ms. Girtman was quite right when she said there was no urgency to the issue.

Mr. Brower behaves like a bully. He fails to demonstrate authenticity and honesty in his performance of duties of chair. Congratulations to the four council members who demonstrated transparency, integrity and fairness. The citizens of Volusia County are grateful for their service to our community.

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