Trying to clean up

I live on Turnbull Bay Road in New Smyrna Beach.

I am the lady you see trying to cleaning up Turnbull Bay Road on a one-to-one basis. One of these days I am going to get hit. I am old.

Please have them do something about cleaning up the litter on a regular basis. It is terrible.

In response to: 'To drive on the beach or not'

I can clearly see you are not from around here or you would known the love and reasons we do what we do here.

Where you fish, have family gatherings, surf or just have a love for the ocean, you don't want your access taking away. We've already lost a good portion of our good fishing beach in Wilbur-by-the-Sea for those sea turtles.

I grew up from 1960, fishing and beaching that area to the jetties. Now I'm in my 60s and you're telling me to stay home. My husband had a stroke and has trouble walking. I myself cannot either, that is our enjoyment to take a drive and picnic on our beach.

Why do people move here and want to change it. There are lots of beaches that don't allow driving, clearly you should get back in touch with your Realtor.

I'm also a Bike Week and race week supporter, too. Been going all my life. These are the reasons we are here. Why are you?

In response to: 'Tone it down bikers'

I am sure many motorcycle drivers would love having their own lane.

That would cost the city or state a lot of money. You know those nasty things you complain about more taxes?

A better idea, stop trying to run them over. If you could learn to watch for bikers, then maybe you will learn to watch for kids walking across a street.

In response to: 'Make it bike weekend'

Two comments: the one about the dressing. I am not judging or being a racist, it is just not nice to other people, especially children.

I agree, take a vacation if your don't like Bike Week. It is one week a year.

In response to: 'Drive on the beach or not to drive on the beach'

Why is the driving on the beach issue coming back?

Most people cannot drive on the beach where they live. It is a big attraction. Also, I lived in California when my kids were young. Anyone with kids will understand. If you can't drive on the beach, and you can't in California the sand is very soft. So you take your kids, unload everything you need, then hike your kids to the beach.

It is a great advantage to moms with kids, elderly people, etc. The whole beer bottle thing, um, like one writer asked. Where in the world was this? I see trash cans on the beach and employees emptying them constantly. Don't make up stuff to prove your point.

Pick up drivers must get a care

The most aggressive, careless drivers in this area are those driving pick up trucks.

They just don't care. They will run over you if they get the opportunity. I hope some of them who are reading this will take heed and slow down.

How pathetic

As a father of two, who has successfully raised and move them on to adulthood through troubling times prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, this is a different challenge.

Does anyone remember “Little House on the Prairie” or the “Waltons” when there was home schooling, home teaching and perhaps it was necessary that one, if not both parents, had to stay at home to take care of their children?

I do not understand how all these families and all these municipalities are in such a dither over the fact they do not get state and federal funding if they don't have a child's behind sitting at a desk and endangering children with possible contamination from the current pandemic.

Give me a break. If you don't want your children, don't have your children. Don't put them upon the rest of the world and insist that they be given daycare, free lunches, free breakfast, etc. etc. and don't tell me about their mental health status because they can't sit next to their friends and look at their cell phones and play their sports and have school.

Give me a break. Find something to do. Educate your own children at home. Learn how to do home schooling and don't buy such a big house that requires both of you to have to work 60 hours a week.

In response to: 'Floating billboard atrocities'

Once we let the one billboard in, we are opening it up for everyone else!

“Let’s just trash up the beach view.” Our county councilmen need to rethink this stupid idea.

Spread out the vaccine doses

Finding a Covid-19 vaccine appointment available in East Volusia County has been impossible.

When the vaccine became available to high-risk people with a form signed by a doctor, I immediately began looking for an appointment. Within about a week, the required age was lowered, making it even more difficult to find an appointment.

Some areas that are significantly far from East Volusia have repeatedly shown availability. It would make the most sense to send more or those doses to the areas that are always fully booked.

Ranting all over the place

Ormond Beach used to be a sweet little town until it turned into a crime and drug ridden dirty city.

We can thank the governors past and present, plus those men and women in the state legislature. These people laugh all the way to the bank while every available piece of land is built on for apartments no one here can afford – nothing for the low income.

Traffic is a nightmare, and I can watch my gas tank go down with all the lights and stop signs.

Spectrum has gone way above normal rate increases and needs to be stopped. Just leave Daylight Savings Time the way it is, which is a waste of time. Grocery prices have gone through the roof and so has car insurance. None of these issues are ever addressed.

Are the people of this state too lazy or don't care what is happening? Do something and let's stop the construction on every plot of land.

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