Nay to floating billboards

Billboards were put into U.S. use just after the Civil War.

Whether on hilltops (the huge Hollywood-land sign originally advertising a real estate development) or along roadsides (recurring small Burma Shave signs with witty jungles advertising shaving cream) to name but a few especially renowned examples.

Aerial balloon ads (such as the the Goodyear blimp at major sporting events) and then World War II plane-towed banners (alongside beaches so as to draw attention to local businesses) then became popular.

With ever new electronic gizmo-gadgets overwhelming becoming part of such ads they could appear almost too much of a good thing (Times Square at New Years Eve).

Now right here at Volusia County beachsides digital billboards float by. A couple of 40-foot LED screens display a variety of messages aside a 60-foot barge. They maneuver back 'n forth almost close enough to read easily and too close for the safety of paddle boarders, surfers and swimmers.

If their reminders to put on sunscreen and keep the beach clean are self-evident, suggestions to eat at this restaurant and/or that bar are no more than obvious commercial solicitations. And, in my opinion unneeded junky additions to what were once and should return to as charmingly pristine seasides. Hopefully I'm one of many expressing scorn enough to have this latest crass money-making endeavor over and done with before actual chance of catching on.

Slot machines?

I would like to know if the dog track is ever going to get slot machines?

They got rid of the dogs. They have poker there. Why don't we have slots? Get it together Daytona Beach.

In response to two rants about driving on the beach

I have lived in many coastal towns in the United States and abroad most of my life.

There are so many nicer and cleaner beaches to visit and live. I used to live in the Daytona Beach area and walked the beach every day. Countless times I have had to dodge a broken beer bottle, plastic cups, lemon wedges and other distasteful items. You must be blinded to say you never saw these things.

Do you really thing people want to smell stinky exhaust while trying to relax with a book or magazine. How self-centered are you?

And as far as sea turtles are concerned, you talk about them like they are a big nuisance. Sorry if they are cramping your style, but those nuisances are a big contributor to the ecosystem.

What exactly do you people, who want to drive up and down the beach, have to contribute besides making more holes in the ozone layer? Perhaps if they raked the beach at night, as they do in many towns, it won't be so strewn with litter.

Illogical road construction

I can't figure out the logic of the the four-lane construction on 10th Street and U.S. 1 by McDonald's and Space Coast Credit Union that splits Edgewater and New Smyrna Beach, going across tracks to connect to the other four lane going to the high school.

It is a quarter of a mile to the first stoplight where it connects. For several decades traffic has been fine.

At the other end of 10th Street by Pioneer Trail, it gets clogged down to two lanes. They have no way to widen it, so why would we take probably over a million dollars to create a four lane section for a quarter of a mile. Who's pockets are getting filled up? Or, is it federal money? I think it is illogical. I am sure the money could be spent elsewhere in this era of Covid-19.

Leave the beach pass alone

Quite honestly, paying $25 a year to drive and park on the beach is an incredible value, and I don't mind at all.

I don't know exactly how the county uses that $25, but for less than 7 cents a day, I get safe protected beaches, the ability to park my car yards from the ocean, a couple of hours of sheer bliss, a 20 minute walk on a flat beach with ocean waves lapping at my feet, many photo ops of all things beach, whale and dolphin viewing, trash cans cleaned regularly, accessible restrooms, lifeguards that let me know about riptides, and orderly beach driving managed by beach patrol.

The pass generates at least $1 million per year of revenue for the county. The last one is quite important. If the beach revenue is lost, will we lose beach patrol? Will we lose restroom access and lifeguards? Let me tell you about Crystal Beach, Texas, which had and still does have, "free driving" on the beach with no marked driving lanes, no beach patrol, no lifeguards, no trash cans, no public restrooms. Cars drive wherever they want to go, and frankly, it is dangerous on the beach.

Can the council address a real issue like pedestrian safety instead, and leave the $25 annual beach pass alone?

Area needs more gambling

Why is Volusia County always crying for not having enough money for maintaining infrastructure?

There is so much land outside the city limits were they can bring a Seminole Casino and make money as Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Miami does.

Are our elected official either too lazy or just ignorant to talk to the Seminoles or just not willing? It would bring money, people who will stay in hotels and, most of all, revenue, and no more cries and raising a penny tax every year.

Please don’t write and say, but what is with the crime rate increasing? Do you hear anything from Tampa or any other casinos of crime? No, because they are well protected and taken care off with a lot of casino police in and outside. Why not expand the poker club? It is not fair that certain people can gamble with poker, but the rest of us who like to gamble have to drive hundreds of miles to leave money in other counties.

Wake up Volusia and once do something what benefits everybody, not only gamblers, but in general the money you can give back with improvements for streets, bridges and maybe increase pay for teachers.

Besides think about what has Volusia really to offer for entertainment? The Boardwalk? What a joke compared to other cities. What else when it rains? Zilch, nothing, nada, boredom and waiting until the rain is gone. Wake up Volusia, it’s not too late with all the people moving here.

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