The City of DeLand sustained minor damage from Hurricane Dorian.

Only a few reports of trees and power lines down were reported in West Volusia according to Chris Graham, the city's community information director.

In addition to knocking over several power lines and trees, two spots experienced localized flooding.

One tree fell on an assisted living facility home near McDonald Avenue but there were no injuries and the home only had minor damage.

Although West Volusia only experienced minor damage from the weather produced by Hurricane Dorian, local businesses experienced a different kind of suffering.

Because the slow-moving storm took longer than expected to arrive, merchants who chose to close down during the holiday weekend missed out on their third quarter earning potential.

Most of the Downtown DeLand businesses that closed are mom and pop shops, cafes, pubs, and family-owned restaurants who need more local support now than ever.

City offices reopened Thursday, Sept.5, and the City Commission meeting that was scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 4, was rescheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 11.

The makeup schedule for trash pickup has been set as follows: Tuesday customers will have their trash picked up on Thursday, Wednesday customers on Friday, Thursday customers on Saturday and Friday customers on Sunday.

The city is urging residents to separate storm debris from regular trash pickup as it will be picked up separately.

Utility bill due dates were extended to Sept. 9.

Volusia County residents are counting their blessings as the powerful storm caused no major damage to the area, but remain alert as it still remains peak hurricane season.

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