Timmy's Playroom

Ed Noseworthy, president and CEO of AdventHealth Daytona Beach, talks about the opening of Timmy's Playroom at the hospital recently.

AdventHealth Daytona Beach hosted a grand opening ceremony July 30 for the completed Timmy’s Playroom, a space full of interactive games and toys for young patients and visitors to play with as part of the Tim Tebow Foundation’s many outreach programs.

The opening ceremony allowed key figures to share words and wisdom surrounding the playroom, including Ed Noseworthy, president and CEO of AdventHealth Daytona; Steve Biondo, president of the Tebow Foundation; and two former patients of the hospital.

“When you take the physical and pair it with something caring it creates something extraordinary,” stated Mr. Biondo, referencing the playroom and the chance for a feeling of fun and liveliness it gives children in the hospital.

The cost of the process, from design all the way to maintenance of Timmy’s Playroom, is fully funded through donations to the AdventHealth Daytona Beach Foundation and by the Tebow Foundation.

The playroom is one out of 10 built so far, reportedly the most technologically advanced, and the first established within an AdventHealth hospital.

It features custom footballesque turf floors, lockers and stadium wall wraps alongside gender-neutral interactive playthings and accommodations for children with special needs. Some of the toys include gaming consoles, a touchscreen LED table and wall-mounted mini-games.

The journey of creating Timmy’s Playrooms began when Tim Tebow was a student and quarterback at the University of Florida.

Regularly he would visit hospitalized children at UF Health Shands Hospital, which lead him to create the playrooms to serve the playful needs of children and shine a light on their sometimes difficult situations.

“The game room will help a lot of kids and distract them from their pain and sickness,” said Jackson Base, a recent patient of the hospital battling pneumonia.

For more information, visit timtebowfoundation.org.

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