The Daytona Beach Shores City Council has approved allowing microblading to be performed by trained cosmetologists in the city.

It’s a new option that at least one local salon hopes will attract more customers.

The Daytona Beach Shores City Council Feb. 27 unanimously approved an ordinance allowing microblading to be performed by trained cosmetologists within the city limits.

The vote came after the Daytona Beach Shores Planning & Zoning Board Feb. 12 unanimously recommended approval.

Microblading is a type of permanent makeup, which creates the appearance of hair, mainly used by people who want to have fuller looking eyebrows. It’s done with a handheld machine that uses tiny blades to make small cuts in the skin, which are then filled with pigment.

Prior to the vote, none of the city’s nine beauty shops were allowed to microblade, since it was considered a form of tattooing by city code. Only body art shops, which are allowed in certain areas of the Shores, were allowed to do that.

Trisha Porter, owner of the newly opened A Hair Affair on Beachcomber Street, went to City Hall to have that changed because she wants to offer the service to her customers.

“I thought it was something that Daytona Beach Shores could use,” Ms. Porter said. “It’s something fairly new and I thought it’d be a good opportunity.”

Her shop opened in January and she plans to offer microblading at a low cost once she gets the formal go-ahead from city officials following the council vote.

“I wanted to keep it reasonable so that everyone can afford it, not just a few,” Ms. Porter stated.

Ms. Porter, who had her eyebrows microbladed, has someone in her shop already certified to microblade and she plans to go to a class in Lake Mary soon to get trained herself.

“We seem to be getting a lot of positive response when we tell people that are curious about it,” Ms. Porter noted. “When you show the before and after pictures, normally, they’re just absolutely amazed. They cannot believe that it’s not real eyebrows or hair.”

The ordinance was approved with little discussion from council members, but Vice Mayor Peggy Rice used her comment time to encourage residents who might be interested to head to Ms. Porter’s shop.

“I did go up to the business that’s doing that and it’s wonderful,” Vice Mayor Rice added. “We’re happy to have a new business in the Shores.”

It’s not clear at this time if any of the other salons in the Shores plan to offer microblading, but they would need approval from the city’s Community Services Director before they could.

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