New Steakhouse

Florida Roadhouse in Edgewater will become Elliott's Steakhouse as the owners of Goodrich Seafood have taken over the restaurant.

Florida Roadhouse in Edgewater has been closed since April 2020.

Despite a cryptic social media post and some activity at 4170 S. U.S. 1, it is not reopening.

But Karen and Doug Elliott have leased the building and plan to open Elliot's Steakhouse.

The husband-and-wife team owns Goodrich’s Seafood & Oyster House in Oak Hill. With about 10 years of experience in the restaurant business to guide them, the Elliott's decided to keep the location as a steakhouse, renaming it Elliott’s Steakhouse.

The restaurant had a soft open Nov. 1.

General manager Mike Burch explained why the owners decided to keep it a steakhouse and not play to their experience by opening another seafood restaurant.

“We cornered the seafood market down here and we want to branch out a little bit,” Mr. Burch said.

He noted the area could use a steakhouse, “There's no steak houses anywhere for miles around,” he said.

Mr. Burch has an extensive resume. He managed Goodrich’s Seafood & Oyster House, was both a chef and manager at Aunt Catfish on the River in Port Orange and owned three restaurants. He put that experience to use in creating the Elliott’s Steakhouse menu.

“I'm really proud of the menu. I put a lot of effort into it. I've put a lot of thought into it,” he said. “I don't think I've ever had the confidence in my career, in my life, over a menu that I do this one.”

The menu consists of meat, poultry and the Elliotts did not fully leave their fish roots behind, fish is also on the menu. However, the fish selections at Elliott’s Steakhouse will be different than the fish selections at Goodrich’s Seafood & Oyster House. This was done to ensure they did not have overlap between the two establishments.

There are specialty items on the menu, such as Elliott’s prime rib, hand-cut steaks and nightly specials will be the standard.

“Our chef has got a really strong background,” Mr. Burch said. “And he's really creative. And I I'm a former chef myself. Between the two of us, we got a really strong kitchen background. We're gonna whip up all kinds of really neat, crazy stuff for the people.”

He went deeper into the menu by describing one particular item, “Our crab stuffed mushrooms are going to be a staple in this area. We chop up actual shrimp and scallops and put it in there with cream cheese and garlic and it's just gonna melt, cut up a couple of eggs so it souffles up a little bit. So, they're going to be puffy and creamy and cheesy.”

Not to focus completely on the food, craft beer, a fully stocked bar and racks of wine are available.

An interesting and hopeful note for the restaurant industry, Mr. Burch had no problem staffing the restaurant. “This is a terrible time,” He thought when he started the hiring process. “We are never going to staff this place. And I have a full staff, full schedule and a backup stack of applications. People that I would hire, and I've said to them, ‘I would love to hire you’ and really meant it, but I'm full.”

Banquet facilities are available. For more information, call (386) 847-6447.

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