The Boss

Kristen Day has worked her way up to area manager at Blue Roc Premier, an area property management firm.

As a Jeep pulls in to a Blue Roc Premier property under renovation in the Daytona Beach area, the first thing workers see as the driver exits the vehicle are long legs in high-heeled shoes.

It’s the area manager for Blue Roc Premier, checking up on the large-scale property improvements process, a job she attends to regularly. Her name is Kristen Day, a 33-year-old, attractive woman, 5 foot 7 inches tall with long black hair, manicured nails and a no-nonsense attitude.

Ms. Day, a Daytona Beach-area resident, has worked for Blue Roc Premier, a property management company, for more than 11 years. In 2009 she was hired as a listing agent with the company. Then she was promoted to assistant manager, manager and then, a few years later, to area manager (her current position) of Daytona, Ormond, DeLand and Melbourne. One of the youngest employees to earn the job, she oversees 1,735 residences and eight apartment communities.

The company recently earned a Commercial Beautification Award from the City of Daytona Beach for revitalizing the area around Derbyshire Road and Mason Avenue when they renovated the Park at Via Roma apartments.

“We upgraded the area,” said Ms. Day, adding that they deal with “hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovations and property maintenance” every year.

Ms. Day comes by her calling quite naturally. She comes from a family that included “two very manly men,” she said. And she comes by her “construction-related brain” the same way. Her brother, Nathan, manages a nationwide complex of health care offices. Her father, Richard, was in facilities management, and retired a handyman. Her father and mother, Laurie, renovated houses while she was growing up. When Ms. Day was only 12 years old, she was in charge of changing electrical outlets at their home.

Now Ms. Day is in charge of setting sales goals for her entire region, which, by the way, has set an average of 95% occupancy, a high rate in these unusual pandemic times. But she is more concerned with applauding her employees than herself.

“I built relationships with vendors and maintenance teams from being on-site manager, so I get along well with the teams, and I have a lot of respect for them,” she said, adding “The teams know I’m knowledgeable enough to work with them on a solution.”

Ms. Day has a degree from Seminole State College in interior design, dealing with building and fire codes, and correct interior construction. She works directly with vendors to make sure a job is completed up to specifications and up to code.

If “walls could talk,” she would have many interesting stories about her experiences working with properties, but of course, she cannot. She does have interesting stories about the rest of her life, however.

Since she has a Jeep, she has spent many Saturdays pulling people out of the sand on the beach. As part of “Women of the Moose,” she volunteers at the Moose Lodge, Chapter 2170. She plays poker at the lodge, with some of her winnings going to a charity. She also volunteers with Meals on Wheels. She goes to a shooting range and practices with her .380 pistol. And she says she doesn’t do any of these “guy-type” things (like the shooting range) without perfectly manicured nails and mascara.

Ms. Day’s profession, however, is her main concern. She is responsible for setting financial goals and working with senior management. She is responsible for the budget, profit and loss statements, hiring and training. “It’s an on-call, 24/7 type of job,” she said.

“I owe my success to my parents, who gave me the right tools to be successful, and to my faith, and to my core support system of friends,” Ms. Day said.

One of those friends, a former co-worker Lainey Ellis, sums up Ms. Day this way. “She is extraordinarily capable -- and a lot of fun.”

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