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Radio host Buz McKim of the Legends of Racings Radio Show performs a live show for guests at Racing’s North Turn Restaurant and Racing Museum in July 2020.

Racing’s North Turn, a popular beachside restaurant in Ponce Inlet, has new owners as of Nov. 10.

No financial details were released.

Brad and Mary Hoffman plan to keep the iconic restaurant and gift shop moving in a positive direction and to a new level.

Mr. Hoffman, who lives in Ponce Inlet, said, “My wife and I live locally and have been coming in here for 20 years. We’re familiar with the restaurant. The former owners wanted this to stay in the community.”

The Hoffman's don't plan any major changes.

“We love it the way it is and what’s a big part of the community here,” he said. “We just want to grow on what the former owners did here, just keep trying to do everything we can to move forward and improve it. We think it’s a great brand. We are just very excited to be here.”

Mr. Hoffman also owns Riptides Raw Bar & Grille and Dalmare Italian Chophouse, both in Ormond Beach.

Walter and Rhonda Glasnak had owned and operated Racing’s North Turn since 1998. A social media post about the ownership change stated, in part, “Walt, myself and our family would like to thank all of our staff and patrons for the amazing years we have had with all of you. We have staff that have been by our sides from day 1. We cannot give enough thanks to our dedicated management team. We will miss all of you and thank you for your loyalty to us and our community.

“Our goal was to create a museum that paid tribute to all of the great beach racers while creating an entertaining place for locals and tourists alike,” the post stated. “We wanted great food and a fun sports bar with rocking music. We have accomplished this with all of your help. We want to thank all of you for your patronage and support.”

Ms. Glasnak added, “We owe our daughter, Julia Bienemann, a big thank you for all her hard work to make it successful. She accomplished this with the help of her dedicated staff. We thank our son-in-law, Lars, for the 17 years he gave us. Racing’s North Turn has been full of many high times and several low times, however, one thing has held true, our staff has held us up and our customers have kept us going.”

She added they are handing the keys over to “a wonderful family that lives in our community. We chose them because they are local and plan on carrying on what we have started. They will carry on the racing tradition this location was built on. We have every confidence their experience in the restaurant business will be what our restaurant and our community needs. We leave our beloved restaurant with full hearts of what we have accomplished and look forward to what this amazing family will bring to you. We now know it is our time to enjoy each other and our family and let new owners bring you a great new experience. It is with much love we wish you all the best.”

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