Twins by the Beach

These twin four-year olds are known as Twins by the Beach on social media.

Pick the title that fits your fancy: models, influencers or stars in the making.

Whatever moniker you put on them, adorable is the proper adjective for the twin four-year olds known as Twins by the Beach. Hailing from Volusia County, the brother and sister are a social media sensation, racking up tens of millions of views.

In fact, they are so popular and adorable they even have Disney’s attention.

On a recent Monday evening they were where they are most comfortable, the beach. New Smyrna Beach, to be exact. While the twins frolicked by the ocean, parents Allie and Matteo Micheletti explained how their children became influencers and models.

“It all basically started with my obsession of shopping” for clothes,” Ms. Micheletti said. She was putting photos of her twins online because “I like to dress them alike, and it became a thing.”

Apparently, the online community was interested in what the twins were wearing. “And then people started sending us outfits for them to wear.” It didn’t end there. “And then companies constantly started reaching out,” sending outfits. The series of events led to their modeling gigs.

The family has received a lot of support and love, especially from delivery services. “Basically we're friends with FedEx and UPS. They come on a daily basis,” joked Mr. Micheletti.

The children are being raised bilingual. Mr. Micheletti is from Italy and often speaks to the twins in Italian. He works as a digital marketer. Ms. Micheletti has always been a stay home mother. Smiling, she said, “Now it's just, a little bit more organization (is) required.”

Not all of the family's life is open to the public. They acknowledged some things are kept private. Including the twins' first names and exactly where they live.

“We don’t say their names on social media,” Mr. Micheletti said. “We just say twins by the beach because they're so young.”

Are Mr. and Ms. Micheletti concerned too much of their life is on social media?

“Honestly, nobody cares about us,” Ms. Micheletti said in self-deprecating style.

The twins began taking social media by storm 18 months ago. The siblings newfound fame has come easily for them, though sometimes a nudge is needed.

“He's definitely the more apprehensive of the two,” Mr. Micheletti said. “So, we tend to let her go first and then what she does, he will follow. But if you were to tell him to go first, he wouldn't do it.”

If you are looking to get into the business, Ms. Micheletti advised, “post, post, post, post, post,” and Mr. Micheletti suggested, “stay on the trends.”

The parents employ an agent, however, they have found one isn’t always needed. Talent agents, to a certain degree, have been losing ground to companies reaching out to models/influencers directly through social media. It is reminiscent of how travel agents saw a reduction in need as travelers began booking on their own via the web. Specifically it has been the Michelettis' experience that the larger retail companies rely on agents while the smaller ones contact the talent themselves.

Sometimes the twins model/influence for money. Other times it is an exchange of product for content. Mr. and Ms. Micheletti are not always obligated to post the photos, because some companies prefer to handle the posting themselves.

The twins are not contracted to any single clothing company. To that point, their shows 16 links to shopping sites. The links are not all clothing stores. There are links to a stroller company and a shoe company. “We do a lot of toys and bikes. Yesterday they did yoga,” Ms. Micheletti said. “We do a little bit of everything. Now what's really taken off is they're surfing.”

The brother and sister have reached new heights with their surf videos.

“She has a video of her (surfing) that has hit 35 million (views),” Ms. Micheletti said.

That wasn’t a lone viral video. Twins by the Beach have had videos viewed between 10 and 35 million times. Their leading platform is Instagram with 171,000 followers.

All this viewership ties into a message the parents are trying to convey. “Kids still thrive outdoors,” Ms. Micheletti said. “We're an outdoor family. And we like to show that that’s where kids belong. You don't need an iPad, you don't need a TV, you don't need any of those things. They just play outside all day. And that's the way children were made to be.”

When the camera is shut off, the social media stars go about their lives in the same fashion as most four-year-olds. They pretend play, and play with dolls and cars a lot.

The family has gotten to travel for some of the gigs. Utah, Miami and Key West are a few of the locations that they have been to, but no destination seemed to have the effect the happiest place on earth had. An invitation to Walt Disney World, “that was the most exciting for them. That was just a dream come true,” Ms. Micheletti said.

The family were part of a Disney influencer gathering. They enjoyed private meetings with Disney characters and stayed at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort.

The twins said the roller coaster was their favorite part of the Disney trip. “We got on the slinky dog roller coaster,” the sister twin happily commented. Her brother answered the Goofy roller coaster was his favorite.

The slight deviation of opinion as to the best rollercoaster was smoothed over when Ms. Micheletti brought up Mickey Mouse. Both twins liked meeting him.

The twins caught Disney’s interest as the entertainment giant will be tracking them on social media. Although it is up in the air what Disney may have in mind.

Social media has a lot of haters. Mixed in with all the tens of millions of views are people who like to direct that hate at Mr. and Ms. Micheletti. Both parents stated a thick skin is required for this line of work.

But the haters won’t stop them. A Miami modeling gig may be in the near future. As the children begin to speak more, there is the possibility of creating day-in-the-life videos. Further, they are looking forward to more “fun trips” and “awesome opportunities,” Ms. Micheletti said.

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