Volusia County’s new Covid-19 cases continued rising with a sharp jump by 941 new cases in the past two weeks, based on the May 6 report of the Florida Department of Health.

The department issues reports on Covid-19 every two weeks, but only gives statistics for one week. The new cases number in this report is based on subtracting the report from two weeks ago from the latest one. For perspective, new cases have dropped sharply since they were last above 1,000 in one week, the seven-day period of Feb. 12-18.

For the week of April 15-21, case positivity was at 10.1% in Volusia. The state doesn't give the number of people tested.

Volusia had total cases of 118,119. There were 1,987 deaths in county as of May 8, according to the CDC, up five from the previous Hometown News report. There were 349,149 or 66% of Volusia residents vaccinated.

AdventHealth and Halifax Health are no longer issuing Covid-19 advisories and are operating at a normal status.

Still, people should avoid going to the Emergency Room just for a Covid-19 test. The state offers a statewide listing of places to get tested at https://floridahealthcovid19.gov/testing-sites/.

There are free testing sites in Daytona Beach, Deltona and New Smyrna Beach as well as at Florida Health Department clinics. For testing sites, check out Hometown News Health Notes at https://www.hometownnewsvolusia.com/news/health-notes-feb-25-2022/article_8f901b44-8f67-11ec-8eeb-eb474733356c.html.

Since school started in fall 2021, the Volusia County School District has gotten reports of 5,934 employees and students infected with Covid-19 as of Friday, May 6, compared to 5,850 of Friday, April 22.

Statewide there have been 5,958,618, up 59,430 in the past two weeks, and 74,060, 73,830 deaths, up 230 in the past two weeks. There were 15,467,896 Florida residents vaccinated for 74%.

For more information about the Covid-19 pandemic in Florida, visit floridahealthcovid19.gov.

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