Loving and Kind

Randy and Monique Poche of Port Orange perform as LOVINGKINDNESS and are set to release their third album.

Monique and Randy Poche radiate warmth, joy and a love for Jesus that has the duo already planning a third release of original music at the end of October.

The husband-wife worship team, who are known as LOVINGKINDNESS, are based out of Beach House Church in Daytona Beach.

The couple, who met in middle school in Louisiana, have been together since 1985 and have been married since 1999. They are graduates of Louisiana State University. They got through Hurricane Katrina and moved to Volusia County a few months later, and are Port Orange residents. They have always loved music.

They were members of the college rock group Contraband from 1984 to 1990 and the progressive rock group Stone Poets from 1990 to 1997. Stone Poets worked with industry leaders, such as Epic Records, Sony Music and Sony Publishing, including well known producers Rob Fraboni (Bob Dylan, The Band, Rolling Stones) and Pat DiNuzio.

The couple retired from the music industry in 1998 and began successful business careers along with having a daughter, Michelle.

Then their world came crashing down.

“I became addicted to opiate pain medications. It was a prescription that just never ended after it was done. I went through a phase where I was completely addicted. I wasn’t functional,” Mr. Poche said. “But I was Born Again in 2012. Jesus saved me. He pulled me out of that. I’ve been clean for 7.5 years now, since May 8, 2014. Now I’m just so grateful and so happy to be His. We write songs and sing poems and we just can’t keep it in. We want to praise Him all day long. She (Monique) prayed me back to health.”

Ms. Poche said she almost left him. A friend told her to not “preach God to your husband, pray to God for your husband. That’s what I started to do.”

He approached her one day wanting the same peace she had found through becoming Born Again, she said. There were some tough times, but she is exuberant in his story being a success story. The couple credits Florida Health Care Plans addiction recovery program with critical assistance as well.

“We took like a 20-year break,” Ms. Poche said. “When people listen to our music, they know we love our Lord. God has provided us with everything in so many different ways.”

The duo didn't expect to play music again.

But, Mr. Poche said, “We love playing for Jesus. This is music that soothes souls. Ultimately the goal is to give Jesus the glory and to glorify Him. To say thank you and to praise His name and exalt Him.

The couple were playing music for their church and writing an original song.

“Our pastor asked us to play one Sunday (right after the church reopened from Covid),” Mr. Poche said. “A couple (Jeff and Monica Staley, who own Trinity Publishing) happened to be attending and they heard us play one of our songs. After church Jeff asked me if we ever considered recording that song.”

They had considered recording, but lacked the financial resources to do so. The Staleys surprised them by paying for the studio, so they both took their acoustic guitars and recorded the first song on what is now their 7 Love Songs for Jesus album. The initial recording was followed by other original songs and recordings, and the rest as the saying goes, “is history.”

With rebirth came a “resurrection” of their musical passion, bringing them indescribable happiness, ironically as they said, during a pandemic.

Daughter Michelle, at 19, is a budding artist who attends Daytona State College.

Their first album was followed by the single “Radiance.” More than a song, Radiance is described as a “majestic, ethereal soundscape, telling the story of the Messiah’s mission of Salvation. From the Cross, to Resurrection, to Ascension and ultimately to Eternal Glory.”

Their newt album, “Reigning Glory,” with seven songs will be released Oct. 25. They are all considered to be love songs for Jesus.

LOVINKINDNESS performed at the Ormond Beach Original Music Festival last month and are looking forward to performing at the Original Music Festival in DeLand at 3 p.m. Oct 30 at Pioneer Park. Their performance, along with other Christian music bands, will be free.

Their team consists of the Staleys, Matt McKeown (engineer, producer and owner of Sound Mind Studio and the Rev. Charlie West of Beach House Church. Mr. McKeown also is pastor at The Church of the United Brethren In Christ in Holly Hill.

Their songs are available on standard streaming services such as Apple and iTunes along with YouTube. For more information, visit lovingkindnessmusic.com/.

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