Moon Step

A photo of a footprint on the moon is on exhibit at Museum of Arts & Sciences in Daytona Beach.

July 20 marks the 50th anniversary of the first manned spaceflight, Apollo 11, to land on the Moon.

In celebration, the Museum of Arts & Sciences in Daytona Beach is hosting the exhibition, “To Choose Our Destiny: The Lasting Legacy of Apollo 11,” alongside other events in conjunction with the Smithsonian.

The purpose of the exhibit, which continues to July 28, is simply to educate viewers on the Apollo program while commemorating the act of exploration as a basic human function. This can be seen in the MOAS’ Edward E. and Jane B. Ford Gallery through the words and inspiration of Apollo 11 Command Module Pilot Michael Collins.

Transforming this culmination of a technological race with the Soviet Union into a universal sentiment of human achievement created a legacy that seems near impossible to successfully represent.

The MOAS rightfully chose diverse mediums tying all the way back to the very beginning of the moon race. This spans from engineering to training Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins, to contributions from within Florida and Daytona Beach, and eventually to landing on the moon’s surface.

Some of the works look on to the future by depicting NASA’s Moon to Mars program, explaining the federal agency’s plans to make it to Mars in the 2030s.

Also, at 1 p.m Saturday, July 20, MOAS will screen a new documentary, “The Day We Walked on the Moon,” as part of 1-in-50 Smithsonian Institution-affiliated museums across the country. Other events are scheduled between 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. that day for their 50th anniversary, included with paid museum admission.

Later in the evening, MOAS is hosting Movie Night in the Planetarium, featuring the critically acclaimed documentary, “Apollo 11,” with never-before-seen 70mm footage of the mission to the moon. Admission varies. Showings are at 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

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