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The board of directors of the Museum of Art DeLand have decided to sell the building at 600 N. Woodland Boulevard and move everything to the museum's downtown location.

Although one location of the Museum of Art DeLand is up for sale, the museum is and will remain open for business, with plans to move all exhibits to the downtown location already in the works, along with expansion and more.

“This is all part of our long-term strategy for bringing art and culture to where people work, shop and live,” said Lee Downer, president of the MoAD Board of Trustees. “Our plan is to move (fully) into the downtown location at 100 N. Woodland Blvd.”

The board decided to sell the building at 600 N. Woodland Blvd. after reviewing the numbers.

“It’s surprising when we run the numbers how many people go into our downtown gallery rather than walking six blocks to go into the other gallery,” Mr. Downer said. “For a good show, people do attend (the other location), but we don’t get the same crowd sizes there as we do downtown.”

People love DeLand’s downtown area, and stay centrally located when they visit, he said.

“We want to stay close to that,” Mr. Downer said. “We want to stay close to downtown where the action is.”

Within the downtown location, there’s more than enough room to house everything in one space, he said.

“We've got the space in there right now to have essential a single gallery,” Mr. Downer said. “We've got our store there on the floor level and we can expand to create a larger showroom and add offices and other rooms.”

As the museum continues to grow, the board is keeping their options open for the future, he added.

“What will happen in the future is, obviously we are keeping our options open about a full-time, permanent home … as long as it’s near the center of activity in Downtown DeLand,” Mr. Downer said.

The property offered for sale, 600 N. Woodland Blvd, has a long list of potential uses, said Broker John Kurtz of Stirling International Real Estate, the firm representing the property on behalf of the museum, in a news release.

“This property will flourish as any one of several possibilities, including a theater, museum, church, educational facility, and even an event space with shopping and restaurant or similar mixed-use combinations,” he said.

Built in 1991, the main building is 26,922 square feet with an 11,700-square-foot gallery and a 240-seat theater with a stage. Annex buildings also are included, and the listing price is $3.95 million for the entire property.

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