By The Sea

ICI Homes took over the Verona Oceanside project in Ormond-By-The-Sea where it plans to build 41 single-family homes.

Drive up Ocean Shore Boulevard in Ormond-by-the-Sea and you wouldn’t think there is any land left to build on.

“There is still some vacant land, but it’s sparse, few and far between,” said Clay Ervin, Volusia County’s director of Growth and Resource Management.

There are actually three major residential projects in the works in the tiny unincorporated beachside community.

Verona Oceanside at 5 Watchtower Drive is a project that sat vacant for 10 years, now revived by ICI Homes.

Just north of Verona, Atlas Homes of DeLand is planning Ocean Village Townhomes, which will entail 19 units on a 3.75-acre parcel.

And SeaGate Homes is planning to build 30 single-family homes on 8.12 acres at 2960 Ocean Shore Blvd.

The county has approved ICI’s first phase to build 41 single-family homes at Verona. A model home has been open since last fall, and after a slowdown during the Covid-19 shutdown, traffic has picked up, said Rosy Messina, ICI Homes’ vice president, sales and marketing.

“We’ve had a ton of traffic in the last month,” Ms. Messina said. “That area is like an undiscovered jewel, a lot of charm. It’s like a throwback to the ’60s.”

Messina said the development is just 44 steps to the beach with a private beach access on which ICI plans to build a cabana pool pavilion next year.

The homes will range in price from $497,990 to $676,990 and from 1,824 square feet to 3,097 square feet with two-story and one-story plans.

Phase 2 of the Verona project calls for 18 townhome lots.

“We are thrilled to (have a project) on the beachside,” Ms. Messina said.

The same can be said of SeaGate Homes and its SeaGate by the Sea project.

“There are not a lot of single-family lots available that close to the ocean, especially in the Ormond-by-the-Sea area,” said Brandon Jacobs, SeaGate Homes’ vice president of sales and marketing.

Like Verona, the SeaGate project will include a private walkover to the beach.

“We’re working on finalizing the site plan,” Mr. Jacobs said. “We’re super excited to get started at some point. Where else can you find new homes so close to the ocean in Volusia County?”

The Ocean Village Townhomes project is planned for five buildings with five units in four of the buildings and four units in the other.

The preliminary plat was approved by the county’s Development and Review Committee June 3. The townhomes will start at $400,000, said developer John Wine.

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