The Ponce Inlet Town Council has appointed Jeff Miller, a 28-year public works employee, to the position of public works manager.

Mr. Miller has served as interim general manager since April.

Town Manager Jeaneen Witt said he has been working in the public works department since 1992. “During these past five months, Mr. Miller has been extraordinarily responsive to the needs of every town department and to citizens requests. He has handled a variety of issues with the helpfulness and attention of a public works professional,” Ms. Witt said.

She added his role has been especially critical in the unprecedented times of the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, she said he was able to determine the best means of air sanitation via the installation of UV lighting in all town buildings that were able to get it. “You’re breathing that air right now,” she said.

Also, Mr. Miller was able to develop a strong support network with the Port Orange Public Works and Utilities department, and now has an inter-local agreement with that city for assistance if needed, Ms. Witt said.

She recognized Mr. Miller for dealing with nearly all significant types of personnel matters, handling each with care and empathy. She described him as a hard working and dedicated employee with superior and historical knowledge of the town, its water system, storm water system and its residents.

Mayor Gary Smith agreed with Ms. Witt and described his experience with Mr. Miller while playing pickle ball next to some basketball players who were in the midst a game on a darkened court due to lighting issues.

“It took less than one day to get that fixed, Jeff. Thank you very much,” the mayor said.

Coworker John Brooks, who has lived in Ponce Inlet for 25 years and worked with Mr. Miller for the last 12 years, said he had interacted with many public works employees both on the job and a a citizen.

“I just want to say there’s a palpable difference in the morale of the public works employees, and I think it’s directly related to Mr. Miller,” Mr. Brooks said. “Congratulations and thank you for what you do.”

Derek George, who workers for the fire department, has worked with Mr. Miller for 26 years.

“He’s the most amazing, dedicated employee I think that has ever worked for the town,” said Mr. George, president of ISF Local 4140. “We love you, Jeff.”

Mr. Miller thanked Mayor Smith, Vice Mayor Mary Hoss and council members for considering him and appointing him to his new position.

“I will not let you down,” he said. “I will continue to work well with other departments; work for the citizens; and my every intention is to make each and every one of you proud of me.”

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