Vanessa Ryan, left, of Daytona Beach and Alex Finkle of DeLand put on protective gear before entering the Rage Room at Fellow Earthlings Rage Room in DeLand on Wednesday, Apr 28.

A license to rage will cost you $10.

That’s only to start.

Austin and Kelsey Hiers opened Fellow Earthlings Rage Room in DeLand about a month ago. The cost for a Rage One starts at $30 for 15 minutes and goes up to Rhino Rage (six people) at $175 for 45 minutes.

Ms. Hiers said there are two rooms or one large room that gets filled with various items, including anything made of glass -- dishes, beer and liquor bottles and mirrors -- desks, cabinets, mini-refrigerators, televisions, ovens, desks . . .

“We have a rollup door,” she said, “so we can bring a car in to smash up.”

Ms. Hiers said so far, there’s been about 20 ragers who have come by to let loose.

“Some were kinda of slow to start, but then I’ve seen some let it all loose and go to town on things,” she said. “It’s a hit and miss. We’ve been told our whole lives not to break things and here we are telling you to demolish everything in sight.”

Two recent customers had a field day.

Vanessa Ryan, 26, had been going through a rough breakup with her boyfriend, so she and her friend, Alex Finkle, 24, decided to hit the Fellow Earthlings Rage Room, a place she could let go of her anger about her situation.

Ms. Ryan said the staff assisted in hanging up six pictures of her ex-boyfriend. She and Ms. Finkle had the choice of using a baseball bat, crowbar and/or sledgehammer to destroy a cabinet on the ground and television. There were also three boxes filled with liquor bottles, beer bottles and lamps.

“It was the best,” Ms. Ryan said of breaking the picture frames that held her ex-boyfriend’s photographs. “It was very therapeutic. I thought it was exhilarating. I just felt free and relieved afterward,” she said.

Ms. Finkle, a DeLand resident, said she went along for support, but also had a good time.

“I picked up the bottles, threw them in the air and hit it (out of the park) with a baseball bat,” she said. “It’s really cathartic. You get all your aggression out, even if you don’t have anything you’re mad out.”

Ms. Hiers said the business idea is an extension of what she and her husband already do. They own Let it Go Junk Removal and Dumpster Rentals in DeLeon Springs.

“We go inside people’s houses’ and clean them out,” she said. “We take faulty items to the landfill. We thought if we had people smash them, we could fit more into a dumpster.”

Ms. Hiers said a rage license is $10 for a year. The license proves you signed a waiver, viewed the instructional video and will wear the proper clothing, which is provided – a full PPE jumpsuit (long sleeves, long pants, hood), paintball mask and gloves. Closed toe shoes are not provided and must be worn. Long pants are also suggested.

Discounted pricing is available at 15% off with eight free items for heroes, such as military, EMTs, paramedics, police officers, firefighters, teachers, nurses and doctors on Sundays (ID required); 10% off with five free bottles to college students on Fridays (ID required); and 10 free items with any package on Saturday.

Fellow Earthlings Rage Room is open 2 to 10 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday, and noon to 8 p.m. Sunday. For an appointment, visit ferageroom.com or call (386) 873-4045.

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