A 2.18-acre beachfront property in Ormond Beach, vacant for more than 10 years, could soon be the site of a new hotel.

A developer has submitted a pre-application with the city’s Site Plan Review Committee to develop the property at 251 S. Atlantic Ave. into a hotel with a 70-foot height limit and up to 140 rooms.

The property was the site of the Surfside Inn & Suites until 2010. After that it was demolished and has been empty since.

The discussions with the developer are preliminary, Ormond Beach Planning Director Steven Spraker said.

“They’re really just coming in, trying to get some information so they can make a decision,” Mr. Spraker said. “My guess is they’ll take this new input they got at the pre-application meeting and decide whether or not they want to move forward.”

Chris Sandkuhler of Studio Z Architecture in Charlotte, N.C., is a designer on the project. He said his client is excited about the project but is not ready to release details.

“We’re still going through early schematics and making sure that things are working on the site,” Mr. Sandkuhler said. “We don’t want to say too much at this point because we have to make sure we check all the boxes as far as the regulations.

“The city of Ormond Beach has a really thorough zoning ordinance that we’re working through and we’re also working with the state of Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection to make sure we’re in accordance of that, so the size of the hotel at this point is up in the air until we specifically work through the jurisdictional and state regulations,” he added.

Mr. Sandkuhler did say that according to a density calculation, 140 hotel rooms would be the maximum the project could support.

The next step, said Mr. Spraker, would be submitting a site plan. Mr. Sandkuhler said it’s too soon to speculate on a timeline.

“With any project the sooner the better in the developer world, but at this point we’re still running though due diligence and making sure it is a viable site,” Mr. Sandkuhler said.

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