New Covid-19 cases continue rising sharply in Volusia County as hospitals are in crisis mode.

There were 3,495 new cases of Covid-19 in Volusia with 27% of residents testing positive for the week of July 23-30, according to the Florida Department of Health.

The results were up from 2,144 new cases of Covid-19 in Volusia with 21.6% of residents testing positive for the week of July 16-22. The state does not provide the number of residents tested.

The department also reported Friday, July 30 that 272,378 Volusia residents out of an estimated population of 552,328 have been vaccinated with 6,458 residents getting at least one shot in the July 23-30 period, up from 3,323 in the previous week. There have been about 56% of Volusia residents ages 12 and over who have been vaccinated.

Volusia has had total cases of 53,212 or 18.8% of the population.

AdventHealth’s Central Florida Division transitioned to black status, a move that means non-emergency surgeries will be deferred and health care workers will be redeployed to help manage the latest surge as the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients surpassed 1,060 people.

“We have peaked above any previous waves and it is straining our system, physicians and team members,” said Dr. Neil Finkler, chief clinical officer of AdventHealth’s Central Florida Division, in a news release Friday. “None of these patients thought they would get the virus. But the Delta variant has proven to be so highly contagious, that even the young and healthy – including the pregnant – are filling up our hospitals.”

Dr. Finkler said more than 90% of Covid-19 patients who are hospitalized are unvaccinated. Those who are fully vaccinated and hospitalized with the virus typically have other comorbidities such as cancer or autoimmune diseases. The Central Florida Division includes hospitals in Daytona Beach, DeLand, New Smyrna Beach and Orange City.

Halifax Health was caring for 122 patients with Covid-19 Friday with 27 of those patients on ventilators, the hospital operator stated in a social media post.

Halifax Health has not altered its surgery schedule, but has changed its visitation policy. Patients who are Covid-19 positive may not receive visitors. Every effort will be made to provide virtual visits for the patients.

AdventHealth changed its visitation policy Monday, Aug. 2, and no longer allows in-person visits to Covid-19 patients. Virtual visits and exceptions for children under 18 and end-of-life situations will be considered.

Statewide there were 110,477 new cases, or 18.1% of residents tested, in the 7-day period with 108 deaths. The state has now had a total of 2,590,699 cases and 39,079 deaths.

There were 334,064 people receiving at least one does of a vaccine in the past week with a total of 11,757,156, according to the state report.

The state stopped reporting new information daily after the percentage of residents testing positive dropped below 5%. The number of cases has steadily climbed since then.

Vaccinations continue in Volusia County. For a more complete list of where to get vaccinated, visit or call the Volusia County Health Department at (386) 274-0500.

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