New Hospital

Dr. Robert J. Feezor gives a tour of one of the state-of-the-art operating rooms on Thursday, Jan. 9, as Halifax Health UF Health Medical Center of Deltona nears completion.

Halifax Health and University of Florida Health have partnered to bring a state-of-the-art medical facility to Deltona.

It will open its doors to the public Feb 4.

Deltona and West Volusia residents will now have access to more services, advanced technology, specialty and sub-specialty physicians, and clinical trials.

Jacob Nagib, director of planning, engineering and construction at Halifax Health Medical Center, pointed out one of the things that differentiates Halifax from any other hospital is its community-driven influence. Everything is driven by the community need.

“We care for the community as we care for ourselves,” Mr. Nagib said. “So, before we do anything, we always ask, 'what does the community need and how can we make them comfortable.'”

He went on to explain how the facility was specifically designed with the patient and hospital staff in mind.

The full-service hospital features fully integrated rooms with the specific tools and systems necessary for the physicians and nurses to do their job efficiently all while keeping in mind the well-being and comfort of each patient.

The six-story building is 202,242 square feet and includes four operating rooms, three multi-purpose special procedure rooms, 13 intensive care rooms and 30 medical/surgical rooms.

The $153 million medical facility is on the corner of Interstate 4 and State Road 472.

It will have 43 licensed beds and employ 211 full-time employees in its first year with an expected $133 million economic impact.

It will employ a diverse staff of physicians and nurses. Services available include anesthesiology, cardiology, emergency care, gastroenterology, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurology, pathology, radiology, urology and nephrology.

Dr. Steven Miles explained how the joint venture with UF Health and Halifax Health will be beneficial for everyone since it is dedicated to the mission of teaching and continual learning.

“For a private practitioner, it’s like a no-brainer because I want the academic research,” Dr. Miles said. “I want the academic stimulation. I want the medical schools. It’s a win-win for the patient and the physician.”

Chief Communications Officer Ann Martorano explained how the doctors have told her that they like to be around education.

“They love to be around things that are going to make them better,” Ms. Martorano said. “We do a lot of work with medical students and teaching.”

She continued, “It takes time to have someone stop to teach but it ultimately makes them better.”

This is not the first time the two organizations have established a partnership. In 2016, a partnership was created for heart and vascular surgery services. They also worked together two years later to enhance Halifax Medical Center’s kidney transplant program.

The freestanding Emergency Department that opened in 2016 is now adjoined to the new medical center.

The Medical Center of Deltona serves Volusia and Flagler counties. It is seeking volunteers ages 16 years and older.

“We’re here. We’re ready and we’re excited to care for this community,” said Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Margaret Crossman.

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