If your daily commute consists of traveling on South Ridgewood Avenue in Edgewater, you’ll soon become a witness to the construction of new manufactured homes adjacent to Hacienda del Rio.

The Edgewater City Council elected Monday, Feb. 3, to approve an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map, which will include the addition of 17.29 acres of land at 3757 S. Ridgewood Ave. for residential purposes.

In English, that means the Edgewater City Council has allowed the use of the wooded land that sits between South Ridgewood Avenue and Hacienda del Rio to be used to build new homes. Specifically, it will be used to create 69 new manufactured residences.

The request comes from Glenn Storch, who originally proposed the land be used for a new commercial strip area, an idea with which residents of Hacienda del Rio did not agree.

“We discovered that the citizens of Hacienda del Rio did not want a strip commercial along this site,” said Mr. Storch, an attorney of Storch Law Firm in Daytona Beach. “There wasn’t really a market for one. The new owners have made a commitment of amending this from commercial to residential. It will be the same as the rest of Hacienda.”

After the project change was made, support for the new structures increased from the residents of Hacienda del Rio, which meant it also increased from the members of the City Council.

“Our citizens are happy with the project,” said Edgewater Vice Mayor Gary Conroy. “We work for them. If they’re happy, I’m happy. We all worked together to come to this resolution.”

The new requested land will still have a wooded area between the new homes and South Ridgewood Avenue known as a “buffer zone,” in an attempt to preserve any natural life that may currently reside there while also maintaining a separation between homes and roads.

Mr. Storch’s request was approved unanimously by the council.

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