Delivery Angels

Cassandra Porter, Sarah Porter, 9, Miguel Rodriguez and Tammy Mullins, from left, stand in front of the van they use to deliver food as part of Derbyshire Place Delivery Angels.

Derbyshire Place is a faith-based community center at 962 Derbyshire Road in Daytona Beach that provides a safe, caring environment for children and families to gather and foster growth in education, recreation and spiritual development.

One of the newer programs is Derbyshire Place Delivery Angels, which started in April.

Miguel Rodriguez, director of Derbyshire Ministries, said the staff began serving hot meals in March, but noticed there were families and individuals, especially seniors, who could not come to the facility, ether due to Covid-19, physical limitations or other problems. So, he began delivering meals and Derbyshire Place Delivery Angels was born.

“I was driving around like a crazy person, house to house, then all of a sudden Tammy and Cassie stepped up,” Mr. Rodriguez said. “I would say they are my angels. (The name) Delivery Angels just stuck and now it’s become its own program. They have taken it over. The premise is, as long as you are in our general area and there is a legitimate need and you don’t have transportation, we will come to you. It’s not necessarily about your financial status. ”

For Derbyshire Place, everyone is family.

“We love people and we treat people like family,” Mr. Rodriguez said. “Even though you serve and you are helping someone, it really does something to you and it changes you.”

Tammy Mullins along with her daughter Cassandra Porter and granddaughter Sarah Porter make hot food deliveries every Friday night. They see veterans, senior citizens and people who are homebound or with physical challenges.

Besides the hot meal or meals if more are requested, deliveries may include additional groceries that recipients can prepare themselves during the week such as meats, dairy products, etc. The Angels may even deliver pet food if asked. Whatever the need is.

Any extra hot food produced each week is being distributed to emergency service workers or occasionally the Hope Place homeless shelter.

“We make (the hot meals) right here in the kitchen,” Ms. Mullins said. “One of our elderly gentlemen can’t drive, so we deliver him six meals and it gets him through the week.”

Ms. Porter added, “If we see an EMT sitting at 7-Eleven or even a police officer, we stop and ask them if they would like some meals. We explain who we are and what we have. Nine times out of 10 they take them.”

Her daughter Sarah, 9, said “it feels great” to help people.

Derbyshire Place has numerous free programs for the community, including a thrift store, community garden, food bank, children’s cooking class and Saturday children's program. It also is an ACCESS center so people can sign up for state benefits.

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering, Art and Math) Nights will launch in the fall. Twice a month on the second and fourth Thursday, retired teachers will teach children science and math, robotics (in partnership with Embry-Riddle Aeronautics University), coding and more.

Volunteers are always needed. If you would like to volunteer or for more information, call (386) 947-7708 or visit

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