The city's third Wawa and other projects got past the Daytona Beach Planning Board Sept. 26.

The projects now go to the City Commission for approval.

Scott Kearney with Indigo Development of Daytona Beach was seeking the board's blessing for the Wawa, which requires amending the Best Buy Planned District Agreement.

The property at 1900 W. International Speedway Blvd. was the site of a Barnes & Noble, but will accommodate a gas station and convenience store if approved.

Board member Tony Barhoo expressed concern the WaWa sign would block signage of other businesses already there, such as Best Buy. However, Best Buy is the majority owner of the parcel and approved WaWa’s application. Also, Erika Hughes, representing WaWa, stated the signage would not be a problem.

Plans also were approved to rezone 62.9 acres of land in the northeast quadrant of the Williamson Boulevard and Strickland Range Road from “County” zoning to “City” Planned Development-General to allow for a mixed-use development.

The zoning request as well as a request to approve a large-scale comprehensive plan amendment on the designated property were made by Darren J. Elkind on behalf of MHK of Volusia County Inc. (ICI Homes). Both were approved to pave the way for the Lago Verde community, which may consist of both single-family homes and townhomes. The site is vacant and undeveloped.

Mr. Elkind said, “Another of the permitted uses in the PD agreement, the zoning document, is an assisted living facility. That is certainly a possibility given the market (and) given the proximity of this location to a hospital. Given that we got the mixed use for maybe doctor’s offices right next to it, that would just be a perfect location.”

Board member Helen Humphries said, “On one hand I love the fact that people are moving here from all over. But I am concerned about the water availability in the future.”

The planning board also approved a request by Robert A. Merrell III, on behalf of J. Malcolm Jones, JMJ Capitol Holdings, for a large scale comprehensive plan amendment, changing the future land use map designation from golf and level 2 residential to level 1 residential for 54 acres along LPGA Boulevard to allow for the development of a single-family residential subdivision to be called Silver Pine.

An associated request to rezone 141.4 acres of land generally located southeast of the intersection of International Golf Drive and LPGA Boulevard to Planned Development-General to allow for a single-family residential development also was approved.

The proposal is to create up to 264 single-family units on the property. The existing golf course would continue to operate with no adverse impact.

Additional discussions and approvals included defining potential uses for the area of Volusia Mall where a Sears Auto Center was located and approving a request to rezone 56.1 acres of land along Champion Drive for single-family homes and townhomes to be known as Royal Oaks, previously approved as Cypress Point.

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