Daytona Beach Commissioners had no problem signing off on several projects July 7.

Commissioners approved a commercial lease agreement between the city and the LPGA Foundation Inc. for the Florida Tennis Center office for a one-year term which commenced July 1, with two one-year renewal options.

The foundation operates the girl’s gold program, leadership academies, women's golf tournaments and the LPGA Amateur Golf Association. The lease is for a 4,000-square-foot commercial space, which was abandoned by the U.S. Tennis Association Florida Section, and the city will receive a total of $196,748.

The commission also initially approved plans for a development with the code name Project Zeta.

The Large Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment will change the Future Land Use for 5.3 acres from Level 1 Residential, 10.9 acres from Level 2 Residential and 7.0 acres from Office Transition, all to Mixed Use for a total of 23.2 acres.

The plan limits the acreage to a maximum of 95,000 square feet of nonresidential development and residential density to a maximum of 300 multifamily units or 100 townhouse units. The property is located about 2,500 feet northeast of the intersection of West International Speedway and LPGA boulevards.

The commission also initially approved a rezoning for the project to Planned Development – General to allow for a mix of uses, including residential, commercial and offices as well as compensatory storage. The property is currently vacant and undeveloped.

Also at July 7 meeting, Police Chief Jakari Young made some poignant statements assuring commissioners and those in attendance that Officer Jason Raynor has made quite a bit of improvement.

“I want to thank you all for your support over the last couple of weeks,” Chief Young said. “You all were there; a lot of you showed up at the hospital. You were there within minutes of it (shooting incident) occurring. It was not just noticed by me, but by the men and women of the department. It made all of us feel good to see how the city as a whole rallied around us as a department.”

Related to the chief’s comments, Commissioner Aaron Delgado said, “I think we are very close to having almost a crisis in the morale of our emergency response personnel, especially law enforcement, when you look at the events that have happened. You have the truck meet, then you have this shooting, which is probably the first time there has been something like that in several decades. I just know from speaking with various unnamed law enforcement officers, it’s been a very difficult time for them. The turnover rate is alarmingly high. We’re having difficulty from what I understand attracting and retaining some of the new recruits or getting the top people to come here.”

He added, “Next time we discuss the budget and how we pay our officers and our first responders and we go into negotiation, we need to keep that first and foremost in mind. I think we need to be very mindful of what we need to do to keep our talent here, to recruit top talent to keep us safe, and maintaining an investment we have in the men and women who work with the city.”

Chief Young mentioned there will be an Operation Safe Surrender Aug. 4 at Master’s Domain Church of God in Christ at 511 Fremont Ave. in Daytona Beach. It will allow people with minor charges, misdemeanor warrants, etc., to turn themselves in and visit with a judge on Skype that same day, resolving most issues.

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