Covid-19 vaccination sites continue to pop up in Volusia County, such as this one earlier this year offered by Food Brings Hope at Mainland High School. Please follow our social media and we'll try to keep you informed.

New cases of Covid-19 in Volusia County dropped to 753 during the week of Oct. 1-7 with 9% of residents testing having the virus, according to the Florida Department of Health.

The results were down from 939 new cases and 10.5% of residents testing positive the week of Sept. 24-30, according to the department. The state does not provide the number of residents tested.

The department also reported Friday, Oct. 1, that 317,387 residents were vaccinated out of an estimated population of 552,328 with 1,309 residents getting at least one shot during the Oct. 1-7 period, up from 1,180 residents in the Sept. 24-30 period. There have been about 65% of Volusia residents ages 12 and over who have been vaccinated.

Volusia has had total cases of 74,234 with deaths remaining at 1,209 as of Oct. 1.

Both AdventHealth and Halifax Health reported the number of Covid-19 patients in their hospitals declined with Advent Health now at “green” status, or normal operations.

AdventHealth’s Covid-19 patient census dropped to about 330 patients hospitalized across hospitals in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Polk, Lake, Volusia and Flagler counties, as of Oct. 7.

The community positivity rate also continued to fall, reaching a new low of 6.7% this week, according to data collected by Centra Care, AdventHealth’s network of urgent care clinics.

The decline is mirrored across symptomatic and asymptomatic adults and symptomatic children, but the rate of positive tests among asymptomatic children has remained steady. While some children develop few, if any, symptoms, others treated at AdventHealth for Children have developed multisystem inflammatory syndrome, which can affect the heart and other organs.

“The risk of acute Covid-19 in children can be quite serious, which is why we recommend eligible children receive the vaccine,” stated Dr. Michael Keating, chief medical officer for AdventHealth for Children, in a news release. “The vaccine not only reduces the risk of severe illness, but also helps control the spread of the virus from children, who may not show any symptoms, to more vulnerable people.”

Halifax Health was caring for 19 patients who were Covid-19 positive as of Tuesday, Oct. 5.

Both health care providers offer the monoclonal antibody treatment. Contact them for details.

The Volusia County School Board is allowing parents to opt out of mandatory face coverings for students as well as all adults at school system facilities. Since school started, the school district has gotten reports of 2,094 employees and students infected with Covid-19.

Statewide there were 25,792 new Covid-19 cases with 4.8% of residents testing positive in the Oct. 1-7 period, compared to 37,772 new Covid-19 cases with 6.5% of residents testing positive in the Sept. 24-30 period. There were 147 deaths, down from 233 deaths the previous week. The state has now had a total of 3,601,755 cases and 56,667 deaths.

There were 311,720 people receiving at least one dose of a vaccine, including booster shots, in the past week with a total of 13,718,950 or 72% of the state population, according to the state report.

Vaccinations continue in Volusia County. To find where to get vaccination, visit or call the Volusia County Health Department at (386) 274-0500.

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