Volusia County offers 18 mental health and substance abuse recovery providers, although many in need of treatment may not be aware of self-referral options to access that care.

In fact, the largest referral system is through the criminal justice system, said Donna DeMarsh Butler, county community services director.

“There are 18 agencies that are licensed by the Florida Department of Family Services for (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations),” Ms. Butler said. “Accessing the system … there are a lot of different ways, but most commonly referrals come through the criminal justice system. Other ways include client self-referral or any of the SAMSHA agencies can offer a referral.”

For self-referral, a qualifying individual needs only to recognize they need help, then seek it out at one of the appropriate agencies.

Those agencies include: AMIKids, Volusia Mental Health America, Chance 2 Change, Oasis Treatment Center, CHASE Therapies, Pathfinder Advocacy Center, Children’s Home Society, PHPTS of Ormond Beach, Chrysalis Center, Project Refocus, Darryl Strawberry Drug and Reform Recovery, Alcohol Recovery Center, Halifax Health, Serenity Springs, Healthy Start, Stewart Marchman ACT and The House Next Door.

“There are a variety of services offered, including both residential and outpatient care,” Ms. Butler said.

Adult mental health services include information and referral, crisis stabilization, physicians services, case management, forensic outpatient services, comprehensive support, while adult substance abuse and addiction services include information and referral, case management, detoxification, outpatient services, prevention and intervention and residential treatment. Children’s substance abuse/addiction services residential substance abuse treatment, alternative education, case management and support

Children’s mental health services include child welfare, behavioral health and care coordination, delinquency prevention and case management, with children’s substance abuse and addiction services including residential substance abuse treatment, alternative education and case management and support.

Funding for these services is largely provided by the state, although the county provides a percentage along with, in Volusia County, Stewart Marchman ACT, Ms. Butler said.

“The county does fund some of the behavioral health organizations, but there are many more other than what we fund,” she said. “The majority of mental health and substance abuse funding comes from Lutheran Health Services, which is an agency that the state has hired to essentially manage the funds that are given to local agencies for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations.

“Of those that receive that (state funding) the county has to provide 25 percent local match. Other funding is quite extensive … client fees, insurance aid, other grant funds … all of those things work together to provide fiscally. In Volusia County, Stewart Marchman ACT is the largest provider.”

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