More than $727,000 in information technology grades in wiring, fiber optic cabling and data infrastructure are coming to Volusia County’s branch jail and the correctional facility, ensuring, among other things, smoother video visits and a core backbone for the facilities’ data future.

The Volusia County Council approved the expenditure as part of the consent agenda at the regular meeting Nov 13 in DeLand.

“This is our zone cabling, it’s infrastructure that’s needed out at the jail,” said George Recktenwald, interim county manager. “Remember, we have the jail and the correctional facility, separate buildings on a large campus.”

The cabling will be done both within and between the County Branch Jail, 1300 Red John Drive, and county’s correctional facility, 1534 Indian Lake Road, both in Daytona Beach, and the project will help pave the way for the future, Mr. Recktenwald said.

“If you recall, we’ve had some issues with the video visitation, where things have kind of held that together through the great IT staff we have. We’ll be replacing that stuff, but, in order to have that you have to have a backbone cabling system and digital and all that, we’re kind of on some stuff with analog, and this is an upgrade of all of that,” he said. “In plumbing terms, we’re putting in the big pipe so we can have the little pipes run off it later.”

The infrastructure upgrade will establish the needed data and voice connectivity for new and replacement systems that are underway or coming in the near future, such as video visitation and the inmate phone system, according to county records. The newer systems require replacement of analog cabling with a new higher speed and higher capacity infrastructure.

Costs are covered by a budget transfer from reserves of $163,699, executed within the corrections welfare trust fund, with the remainder of the project funded by a general fund transfer to the correctional facilities capital improvement plan budgeted in the fiscal year 2018-19 budget, according to county records.

“We are working on ensuring that we are ready for the future in corrections,” said Councilwoman Heather Post.

The county received three bids for the project, and selected Network Cabling Services Inc. of Longwood for an initial 120-day installation term commencing after permits are obtained with a one-year service warranty term as the lowest responsible bidder.

Fiber optic cables, Category 6 wiring and a long list of highly technical and and high-tech items and upgrades will be made and will lay the groundwork for future advances and upgrades to bring the facilities out of the analog and into the digital future, county officials said.

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