Cold Storage

James Taylor, project manager for Kimley-Horn Associates, discusses traffic concerns for a proposed warehouse and cold storage facility in Daytona Beach at a neighborhood meeting on Monday, May 2.

A general warehouse and cold storage facility are planned for Williamson Boulevard in Daytona Beach, immediately south of the Daytona Beach Racing and Card Club.

The applicant, Karis Acquisitions, plans to develop facilities customized to the needs of food companies, third party logistics operators and other cold storage users.

The Cobb Cole law firm, which represents the applicant, stated the proposed cold storage use will especially help fill a market demand and complement surrounding industrial and production uses. Cold storage can support regional providers, including supply sources for local and regional restaurants, hotels and grocery stores.

The project is in its beginning phase with a neighborhood meeting at the Courtyard by Marriott May 2 to provide an overview of what is being proposed. There are no identified tenants as of yet.

Jessica Gow, a Cobb Cole land use attorney, made the presentation, assisted by James Ford, CEO of Transportation Real Estate Solutions III, also representing Karis; James Taylor, Project Manager for Kimley-Horn Associates; and Kris Rowley with Zev Cohen and Associates.

Ms. Gow stated the property, which Karis will buy, is on county land owned by a private family trust. She stated they are requesting the City of Daytona Beach to annex it so the zoning and future land use designation can be changed to industrial to allow development of an industrial project in a planned development zoning district.

“We are at the beginning stage of a very long process,” she said. “We are setting up the general parameters of what we want to see. When we change that to city land use, the city land use restricts it by about 12,000 trips from what the county allows today to what we are asking for from the city, which we think is good for this area.”

Of those in attendance, traffic was the main concern with a large Amazon distribution center going up nearby. A traffic study still needs to be done that will incorporate Amazon traffic, but Mr. Taylor stated semi-trucks entering and leaving the site will primarily be routed to and from Interstates 4 and 95, coming from ports further north and south and only traveling on Williamson, often at non peak hours. Generally, none of the trucks will be on Beville Road in front of Pelican Bay where residents have protested the Amazon facility.

Mr. Ford stressed Karis “had no intention whatsoever of sending any form of traffic right towards your residential area.”

The development is different in that it will specialize in freezer space, he said. “Our business plan is founded and established on being able to potentially get to your door groceries, consumer goods, those type of things. We don’t sell retail, so you can’t call our buildings, our development and say I want to get something delivered in two hours.”

The cold storage facility and an adjacent dry goods storage space will help with supply chain issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The dry goods storage facility is estimated to be 720,000 square feet and the temperature-controlled building is estimated to be 220,000 square feet.

Mr. Ford emphasized the meeting was just a first step. He estimated groundbreaking to completion would take one year. Various approvals and additional meetings are needed before the project ultimately ends up before the Daytona Beach City Commission.

The city would control the property the project is on but Williamson will continue to be a county road.

After the meeting, Daytona Beach resident Frank Dombrowski said, “This particular project, the way it is located, I am for it. It’s away from homes, we were notified, (and) they have an open forum where everybody knows what is going on and not just sneaking anything in. It works out great.”

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