This will be the last year Biker Threads, an Ormond Beach-based company, will develop events, displays and other activities in Riverfront Park during Bike Week and Biketoberfest.

A resolution terminating the lease agreement between the City of Daytona Beach and Biker Threads LLC, effective Dec. 30, 2018, was approved Jan. 3 by the Daytona Beach City Commission.

Also, a request for a reduction in the lease payment for this last year from $100,000 to $75,000 was approved.

Brian Holt, owner of Biker Threads, said, “This was a surprise to us. This will be our ninth year. Nothing can change for this year. We would love to continue to do it, but we understand, I guess.

“We were committed to go to (the year) 2021and farther and farther and farther,” he said. “We were great partners with them (the city) and over all the years did a great job. We are not stopping anything. We wanted to keep going. We each had the right to cancel the contract one year out. We understand the city may have other plans.”

Mr. Holt received a letter from the City of Daytona Beach, which said, in part, this is to “give notice of the city’s interest to modifying elements of motorcycle events in Daytona Beach.” Mr. Holt felt the letter was specifically geared towards events in Riverfront Park.

Mr. Holt asked why the city canceled something that was so profitable for them in the park? “We started eight years ago with four vendors in the park and currently we have over 40.”

He added he hopes they will find somewhere else to go now and his company will be looking at other Volusia spots.

Brian Pepe, an attorney representing the Rossmeyer family who partner with Biker Threads, formally addressed commission members, thanking them for the opportunity to conduct bike events for “almost 10 years,” Mr. Pepe said. “While we are disappointed in the decision to terminate the business at the end of 2018, we understand that these things happen. We sincerely hope the changes to Riverfront Park will be a benefit to all those in the city.”

Mr. Pepe also asked if the city would consider licensing Riverfront Park to conduct bike events, and Biker Threads and the Rossmeyer family be allowed to do that. He reminded city officials of the historical significance and success of motorcycle events in Daytona Beach and of the importance for them to continue.

Daytona Beach City Manager Jim Chisholm stated there is a provision in the contract with Biker Threads to give them a year’s notice if the (city) were going to do something different in the park. “Our purpose tonight is to give notice and be good stewards of our recreational properties. The plan is to come back and make significant improvement to the public areas of the park.

“I don’t know of any property that can be available for them at this time, but if something does, they are a great partner with us and always did a quality job,” Mr. Chisholm said. “We have no issues with them. The change is due to the fact that we seeing significant investments in public money going into the park itself, to improve the park. We have trails we are building (for example).”

Mr. Chisholm added motorcycle-themed events would probably not occur in the park after this year.

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