Deltona could get a one million-square-foot warehouse and distribution facility between North Normandy Boulevard and Interstate 4.

The Deltona City Commission voted unanimously Oct. 7 to approve a zoning change for the massive development.

Jerry Mayes, Deltona Economic Development Administrator, said the city is under a nondisclosure agreement, so the potential future occupant’s name cannot be revealed.

According to Florida law, certain information related to corporate movement and expansions can be excused from public record and kept confidential.

The facility, which will be located across from the Epic Theatres of West Volusia, will bring a substantial private investment and create many jobs for the area.

Speculators presume it may be the Seattle-based, e-commerce giant Amazon constructing a fulfillment center.

Seefried Industrial Properties is the Atlanta-based developer in charge of the Deltona project and also the preferred Amazon builder in other Florida-based fulfillment centers as well as many others throughout the United States.

The Atlanta-based developer declined to respond to requests for comment.

According to a city planning staff report, “The facility at the size proposed represents a substantial private investment and will create numerous jobs. The facility is envisioned to generally operate 24 hours a day under two shifts.”

It also states, “The development proposal is to construct a building occupying a 1,094,865-square-foot base area containing, with an upper mezzanine, 1,414,894 square feet of warehouse space.”

According to these numbers, the building may either be an industrial warehouse or distribution center.

The Deltona facility is expected to become the area’s largest private employer, bringing hundreds of new jobs to the area.

Although the exact number of jobs created is yet to be revealed, Amazon did hire 1,500 full-time and part-time positions for its Lake Nona fulfillment center.

Warehouse workers will make at least $15 an hour, since Amazon raised its minimum wage last year.

In a recent television interview, Deltona Mayor Heidi Herzberg described how the commercial taxes alone will greatly benefit the city.

She explained, “We’re a huge residential community, which means that all the tax burden is on the residents. We have a very, very small, like 6% commercial base. So any commercial development that we have starts to take the tax burden off the residents.”

While a large number of residents welcome the recent development with open arms, some remain apprehensive.

The biggest concern of the facility has to do with the potential traffic congestion it will generate.

Developers have addressed this future problem citing that modifications will be made along North Normandy Boulevard as well as the I-4/State Road 472/Howland Boulevard interchange.

Some of these include special turning lanes, ingress/egress restrictions and deceleration lanes.

The zoning change is expected to be finalized at a city planning meeting Nov. 4.

The city’s planning department expects the facility to be completed as early as the end of 2020.

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