The Daytona Beach Public Works Department wants a 4,700-square-foot right-of-way on South Beach Street to extend the Sweetheart Trail.

The site is in front of Racecoast Marine.

State funds for the Florida Suntrail are being used to further construction of the East Coast Greenway, a biking/walking route stretching 3,000 miles between Maine and Florida, known in Daytona Beach as the Sweetheart Trail.

In a staff report from Daytona Beach Planning Director Dennis Mrozek to the Planning Board, the extension is designed to run from the north end of the trail, running parallel with Beach Street, down to South Street, just past Marina Point Drive.

This addition would start from Orange Avenue, where the trail ends, and continue 0.6 miles until it hits South Street.

The problem area, which is a bend in the road between Marina Point Drive and South Street, would leave the trail in a “clear zone,” allowing the public to stop safely on the side of the road or potentially in the trail.

“(This) would violate standards for trail design,” Mr. Mrozek wrote in the staff report.

Shifting the bend in the road on the east side would provide a suitable clear zone near the trail and the road.

An actual shift of the street requires approval from the City Commission, which will vote on it in an upcoming meeting.

The Planning Board voted June 27 to recommend the City Commission approve the request.

Letters of no objection from TECO-Peoples Gas, Charter/Spectrum and Florida Power & Light were obtained, but one is missing from AT&T. Mr. Mrozek presented to the board they are hoping to have it in place before the City Commission approval.

Racecoast Marine also agreed to a conditional public utility easement and a temporary easement authorizing use over the public sidewalk and parking area until construction of the trail begins.

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