New Smyrna Beach’s Canal Street and Flagler Avenue could see a see of signs soon.

The New Smyrna Beach City Commission approved an ordinance that will allow business owners who are not directly located on those two busy thoroughfares to place advertisement boards that will direct people to their shops or eateries.

In other words, residents of Canal Street and Flagler Avenue could soon see a sea of sandwich board signs along the sidewalk.

The notion came from several local business tenants and other residents that requested the city to help small businesses, such as the ones west of Canal Street, with offsite temporary signage. Owners of such businesses claim they would not be able to survive without some additional type of signage, especially in places that see more traffic than others.

The commission approved Ordinance 80-19 Nov. 19 in a unanimous vote with only the amendment that property owners must provide written permission to the city via standardized form in the event they would approve an offsite business to advertise in front of their store.

“A lot of public input went into crafting this pilot program and, now it’s been unanimously approved by both the Planning & Zoning Board and City Commission,” the city released in a statement.

The guidelines are easy to understand.

Any business that is located within the area may display an additional sandwich board sign, provided it is located within 500 feet of the business, is not placed in a residential area and does not impair accessibility.

In addition, while it was business owners that introduced the notion for the sandwich boards, it is ultimately the property owners that will have the final say on whether or not they will allow any additional advertising near their buildings.

“We look forward to receiving further feedback from participating businesses,” the city statement read. “Between now and the end of the pilot program in June 2020, their input will be critical to ensure we ultimately end up with the best possible solution for everyone involved.”

Some residents did speak up about the rule that the property owners would be the one’s calling the shots, with one resident telling the commission the idea may put quite an impediment on the business owners as any additional signage from a competing business may hurt business owners far more than property owners.

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