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What's going on with the property at 4015 S. Williamson Avenue in Port Orange?

What is happening at 4015 S. Williamson Blvd. in Port Orange? Inquiring minds want to know.

Christine Martindale, public information officer for the City of Port Orange, sent out a release July 19 stating the property owner, Rainbow Development Group, went before a special magistrate and, as a result, were found in violation of multiple codes.

On behalf of the property owner, it was requested the city provide an eight-week timeframe of compliance, ending Sept. 10, to get the porte cochère and the stucco repaired before pressure washing can take place.

The release added that after hearing testimony from the owner, contractor and city staff, the Special Magistrate gave the property owner until July 18 to mow and trim all high weeds and grass, which was completed and inspected on that date. Further that they have until Sept. 1 to pressure wash the outside of the building to remove discoloration. If the property is not in compliance with the Special Magistrate's order, a fine of $1,000 per day will be assessed. Any future violations shall be a repeat violation.

In May, development permits were issued for renovations to the existing building, which includes repairing and painting walls, finishing the building entrance, installing faux window panels, and finishing trim work, as well as site improvements for parking, sidewalks along Madeline Avenue and Williamson Boulevard, landscaping buffers, foundation plantings, irrigation, and perimeter fencing. The property owner is required to complete the improvements by May 31.

Port Orange Mayor Don Burnette stated, “I’m extremely disappointed in the property owner and how they’ve let it go in to further disrepair while they worked to figure out what to do with it. At the very least, we shouldn’t have to tell them they need to mow their grass.

“The magistrate has ruled in favor of our code enforcement case in regards to property upkeep, so future inaction may involve stiff penalties,” the mayor said. “Hopefully with the plan they currently have, they can execute it and turn the property around within the given deadline. I for one will be watching closely.”

Dr. Ammar Hemaidean, one of the owners of the property, said they will be renovating the building with exterior renovations completed by the middle of next month. Also, some side work is being done with more slated for next year.

“The building will most likely be office/retail” he said. “We have until May 31 to finish the exterior and side work.”

The building’s official opening will then depend on securing tenants.

Ms. Martindale stated in an email, “There is no tenant information at this time. There are no compliance developments other than what was stated in the press release.”

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