JMJ Capital of Jacksonville had two big projects before the Daytona Beach City Commission June 17, a shopping center on LPGA Boulevard, across from the entrance to Latitude Margaritaville and a residential subdivision just southeast of LPGA and International Golf Drive.

Both projects passed unanimously with public hearings set for Aug. 19.

For the residential project, JMJ was seeking a Large Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment, changing the land use from Golf and Level 2 Residential to Level 1 Residential for 54 acres of the 141.4 acre parcel. The density would be limited to four units per acre for the Silver Pine single-family subdivision.

JMJ also was seeking a plan amendment 11.3 acres of a 61.4-acre site from Level 1 Residential to mixed use, limiting the commercial square footage to 250,000 square feet for the Tymber Creek shopping center.

In other business, there was considerable discussion about extending the local state of emergency for the Covid-19 pandemic from June 24 to a possible four more seven-day increments.

After observing the beachside area over the weekend, Commissioner Quanita May said, “I did not see one guest from ISB to Ormond, as they are walking, wearing a face mask. I recognize that we’re outside, but they’re also not taking a look at the six-foot distancing. I find it disturbing considering how hard we’ve worked locally to keep our numbers in check. I appreciate this evening that we’re wearing masks. My request is that we have a recommendation to wear face masks. For the city I think we set the tone. We’re trying to say what is the best practice we can possibly provide.”

Mayor Derrick Henry suggested taking it a step further by requiring anyone coming to City Hall or any city building be mandated to wear a mask.

“At some point in time, someone has to take a stand to say that this is important, even if it’s only in the areas that we control,” Mayor Henry said. “Everyone in this building should wear a mask if they’re not able to socially distance. Covid is not taking a summer break from what I can see.”

City Attorney Robert Jagger stated he would draft some language into the emergency resolution, adding that all persons entering city buildings will be required to wear a mask when social distancing is not possible and are medically able to do so.

Exceptions would be for school-age children participating in city programs. Also, that all persons, when medically able to do so, must wear masks in a public place when not able to socially distance. Masks will be made available. The changes were unanimously approved.

The feasibility of resuming concerts such as at the Bandshell also was discussed. Decisions were put on hold until the next commission meeting July 1.

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