Halfway There

The 1-million-square-foot Amazon distribution center continues going up at Deltona.

The Amazon Distribution Center is moving along nicely with its more than 1.4 million square foot structure, which sits on a piece of property between North Normandy Boulevard and Interstate 4 in Deltona.

Jamey Lynch is the project superintendent for Conlan Co. out of Jacksonville with its home office in Atlanta. The company is the general contractor.

“We’re 46 percent complete over all dried-in done, roof on it,” Mr. Lynch said. “We’re working through the exterior parking lot. We’re on schedule. Every project has a few things here and there, ebb and flow.”

The exterior walls have been erected as well as the interior steel beams, he said. The on-site utility work is also completed. The on-site paving is starting.

“Right now it’s in a box state,” Mr. Lynch said. “In the next 30 days, you’ll see pretty much all of the exterior finished. Getting it dried in is usually the hardest part. Once we get it dried in, we control our destiny.”

He said about 250 workers daily have been at it since mid-November. Each worker gets his/her temperature taken before they walk on the site and must wash his/her hands before starting to work. Most wear masks.

The off-site portion of the project is getting ready to start, road improvements all the way to Interstate 4, which would be about 1 ½ miles of roadway.

The project started in mid-November and should be completed by mid-August.

The distribution center will provide 500 jobs once it is open. Employees will pick, pack and ship large customer items, such as sports equipment, patio furniture, fishing rods, pet food, kayaks, bicycles and larger household goods.

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