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Lydia De Jesus, owner of My Beautiful Creations, shows her latest custom Christmas crafts at the Super Scenic 72-Mile Garage Sale at the Ponce Inlet Community Center Saturday, Nov. 21.

Gleaming silverware, hand knitted creations, homemade Christmas decor, housewares, clothes, and arts and crafts were just a few of the many novelties on display at the Friends of A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal Byway 12th annual Super Scenic 72-Mile Garage Sale at its southern tip in Ponce Inlet.

Part of the Halifax Heritage Byway (Volusia County), Ponce Inlet joined St. Johns and Flagler counties as scenic highway participants in the Friends organization. The non-profit group is composed of volunteers who collaborate with municipalities, government agencies and other civic groups to improve facilities and amenities, and promote interpretative stories about the 72-mile corridor's resources, including its natural scenic, cultural, recreational, archaeological and historical attributes.

A1A was designated a National Scenic Byway in 2002 by the U.S. Department of Transportation. It has been said that in the past 500 years, no stretch of highway reaches further into America’s history more than this coastal, beachfront byway, which is mostly a two-lane road.

The yearly garage sale invites fiends to shop, dine and explore the three featured counties while they make their way along the coast.

At Ponce Inlet’s center, 25 vendors set up their wares on foldout tables throughout the interior and a couple outside. Teri Crumley, a board member of PICCI, who also is in charge of its twice yearly flea market, and Peter Finch, its president, put together the event this year.

“This is the second year we’ve done it,” Mr. Finch said.

Before the event, he said he thought everything was ready to go, requesting visitors to wear masks and use the available hand sanitizer at a few locations inside the venue, where vendors would each be provided a table and two chairs for their sale items.

The first table inside the venue displayed various items created by Gail Martorana and Pat Dancsecs, members of the Ponce Inlet Garden Club. They presented LED lit, sparkly Christmas candles, hand knit scrubbers you can use to wash dishes and several other charming gifts.

“I think what it ended up being (today) was a garage sale and craft show,” Ms. Crumley said during the event. “We ended up having some very nice crafts here. I just wish we had more people (attend).”

She acknowledged some people were reluctant to attend due to the pandemic. “Some may not think it’s good because you’re taking a chance,” she said.

Miranda Hayes and her mother-in-law, Lydia, set up a table of unique crafts for this year’s event. Lydia, who moved here from Cleveland a couple of months ago, has been doing custom craft creations for many years. Ms. Hayes said they were looking into selling things from her company, My Beautiful Creations. After meeting Teri Crumley, who told them they could rent a table at the sale, they decided to give it a try.

Lydia Hayes creates handmade crafts, such as a tea cups spilling out holly berries into a Christmas scene displaying figurines of Santa and Christmas carolers, or flowers spilling onto a plate of arranged flowers and butterflies, or a mug spilling blue sand into a display of sea shells. One of her creations is a bottle of milk for Santa next to a Santa figurine with shellac cookies on a plate. “They’re real cookies,” Lydia Hayes said, smiling. She also specializes in hand painted, decorated name plaques and decorated bottles.

At another table were small appliances, such as coffee machines and bread makers. Bedspreads, comforters and crystal candlesticks adorned other tables potential buyers crowded around a few at a time. On another shelf, Royal Doulton character jugs of men with feathered hats attracted several lookers.

An outdoor table displayed sterling silver trays and crystal vases. Across from that, Antje Nordman’s table displayed handmade natural bracelets from her company,, featuring painted and natural sea shells and sea glass. “I learned how to braid on YouTube,” she said of her braided creations.

After seeing many of the unique and well-maintained sales items, Ms. Crumley said she was was impressed with their caliber. “I think the quality of the stuff is a lot nicer when you come to something like this as opposed to having just one garage sale,” she said. She plans to hold the event again next year and hopes more people will stop by. “We just have to do more advertising.”

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