They say owning a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll likely ever make. The magical thing about owning a home is that it feels good to leave but even better to come back. While the pros certainly outweigh the cons of homeownership, one thing nobody likes to think about is a natural disaster. Hurricanes can cause intense damage to your property, but the silver lining is they can usually be forecasted days, or in most cases weeks before they hit land giving you ample time to prepare before it strikes. Investing in hurricane shutters or hurricane rated, impact glass windows is just one way to protect your home from damage. Florida is especially at risk, in fact, Florida has the highest chance of having a hurricane make landfall at 51 percent. There is a 21 percent chance a major hurricane could hit the Sunshine State this year.

Here is why hurricane shutters are important

Safety above all: Hurricane shutters, impact glass windows, panels, and storm shutters are vitally important for your family’s safety and peace of mind in Florida. Because Florida is at a high risk for hurricanes, it is important to install protection over doors and windows. Hurricane Panels not only reduce physical injury from flying objects and shattered glass, they also protect the inside of your home from damage. Another benefit to adding permanent window coverings is it can reduce insurance premiums. Our Hurricane Storm Panels are designed for quick and easy installation. They are roll-formed aluminum panels. These lightweight panels provide maximum storm and security protection.

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