Soc-a-papier! The Ormond Beach Historical Society done gone and thrown a Cajun party.

(Please excuse my expletive at the beginning, but that actually translates to “paper bag.)

All you Cajuns out there (or wannabees) get ready to pass on 42 N. Beach St. for some good south Louisiana style fun. As resident “coonass” of the Historical Society, I done talked them into having a Cajun party.

Now right up front I have to tell you I am working with Diana Simmons who is a Yankee. I think she is from Shreveport or some other northern place, but she always does a good job and, sha, I know she will have three or two surprises for us on the evening of June 15 at the old Anderson-Price Memorial Building.

Now me, I ain’t no full bleed, but I was raised in the bayou. I don’t want to break my arm patting myself on the back, but I make one mean jambalaya. I done handed Miss Diana my recipe and I can’t wait to see what she does with it. I don’t sure what the other feed will be and I don’t believe she will bring along crawfish or shoe-pic (mudfish). Anyhow I do know it gonna be good and if I know that little lady, there will be lagniappe (a bit extra.)

Now if’n you be a gen-u-wine Cajun, I’m gonna be proud to see ya, but if you not, you gonna need to learn a bit of the language.

Right up top, let me say there ain’t no weezy in Louisiana. Weezy was on the Jeffersons, but my home state is pronounced Louzy-anna in Cajun Country. Now let me explain you dis, ain’t no leanz in New Orleans, no. For us, it sorta comes out Nawlins. (Just like we laugh when the northern pilgrims pronounce Ormond with the accent on “Mond.”)

If you are a grandfather, you will become Paw-ran and, if a grandmother, you will be Momette. If you are a fellow who was named for his paw you won’t be junior, no. On this night you will be called “T.” Mike Junior changes to T-Mike or say, T-Fred. A child named for his dad just becomes T-Boy.

Now at this party I don’t think we will quite achieve a fais-do-do (dance all night.) Mais no, but I guarantee we’ll have a good time. The theme of the evening will be “laissez les bon temp roulette!” (Let the good times roll.) To help us wid dat, we have the Porch Dogs Band playing that good ole Cajun music and other tunes we love.

The good times supposed to go from 5 p.m. 'til 9 p.m. Talk about it! There will be a 10 dollar fee to get you in and then you can buy food and drink at a reasonable price, yeah.

Folks this is gonna be beaucoup fun and I hope you all turn out. If we make this happen, we can repeat it every year. Don’t that fun? If you are like me and are a transplanted Cajun, you miss the mother land. Dis won’t be it, no, but it might come close. The only way to guarantee dis is to GEAUX! (go)

For tickets call the Historical Society from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday tru Saturday at (386) 677-7005. If you linger you lose! Alon-Dan’ce! (let’s dance!)

Dan Smith is on the board of directors for the Ormond Beach Historical Society and The Motor Racing Heritage Association and is the author of two books, “The World’s Greatest Beach” and “I Swear the Snook Drowned.” Email questions and comments to or call (386) 441-7793.

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