Daytona Beach International Airport makes it easy on travelers when it comes to making flight decisions.

Do you want to go the Delta Air Lines hub in Atlanta or do you want to go American Airlines hub in Charlotte? From there you can fly to just about anywhere, but that isn’t the point.

People like the ease of direct flights. You don’t have to make a mad dash to catch a connecting flight and you don’t have to worry about whether your luggage got transferred to the next plane.

Sadly, DBIA’s market consists mostly of Volusia and Flagler counties, and maybe a few folks further away. It’s just too small, especially in competition with Orlando International Airport, which is just an hour away, depending on where you live in Volusia.

Sure, we get a few direct seasonal flights to New York, Toronto and elsewhere, but to get more year-round direct flights, like those great JetBlue ones to New York, we just need a bigger headcount.

Which brings me to the 2020 U.S. Census, no not that goofy thing the Republican Party just sent out. In 2020, the Census Bureau will attempt to count every person in the USA, a formidable task. I’ve always been of a mind that Volusia gets undercounted every time.

But every one of you can help by submitting your census form and making sure everyone you know has as well. It’s one thing you can do to help your county and maybe get more direct flights, more federal money for various programs, more help for veterans, more help for highways, just more of a lot of things that can make our lives better. It doesn’t matter who you are, in a democratic country like the United States, everyone counts.


Commercial real estate deals had been fairly few in number, until last week. Here’s the rundown. The largest transaction was the Motel 6 at 2992 W. International Speedway Blvd. in Daytona Beach selling to a group of partners using the entity Shuhhlakshrnimotels LLC for $3.5 million. Investors, including one from Ormond Beach, under the name Volusia Dream Land LLC, bought a large chunk of pastureland on State Road 44, just west of the Pioneer Trail intersection, for $1.54 million. A Pompano Beach investor bought the apartments at 1910 S. Palmetto Ave., South Daytona, for $1.475 million. A New York investor bought the Boyce Industrial Complex off West Marion Avenue in Edgewater for $1.025 million.

Among some smaller, but notable deals were Riverpark Terrace restaurant co-owner Beth Bay and a partner buying the restaurant property at 302 S. Riverside Drive in New Smyrna Beach for $965,000. Groome Properties of Richmond, Va., bought the Orlando Airport Shuttle station at 1034 N. Nova Road in Holly Hill for $575,000. Barnett Building bought the Academy of Career Training property at 1260 Deltona Blvd. For $360,000.


The many closed bank buildings in the area continue to slowly get repurposed. A final site plan to convert one at the southwest corner of Longwood Drive and Ocean Shore Boulevard in Ormond-by-the-Sea to a 3,058-square-foot, type A restaurant with associated parking improvements was scheduled for discussion by county planning staff this week. Type A means it probably will be a full-service one.


On a final note, just when you thought there were enough dollar stores in the world, a Dollar General has been proposed for Lake Helen Osteen Road and Catalina Boulevard on the north side of Deltona.

Managing Editor Cecil G. Brumley has been tracking business and the economy in Volusia County for more than 22 years. Contact him at (no hyphens) or follow him on Twitter @cecilbrumley.

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