A company with GMC in its name opening one town from where the super bowl of stock car racing takes place sounds like a natural fit.

Yes, GMC Machine Tools is planting roots in Port Orange’s Eastport Business Park, a mere 8.5 miles from the Daytona International Speedway. No, they are not affiliated with General Motors Co.

They are a private company employing six people in their Ontario, Calif., headquarters with annual sales of $2.7 million. GMC Machine Tool is expected to employ five people once they are situated in the new, yet to be constructed, Port Orange building. However, as their east coast business expands so too will the hiring.

The 22-year-old company specializes in fabrication machinery. That is, cutting, bending and assembling raw materials to create machines, parts and structures. Port Orange was selected as the hub from which they will have those machines, parts, and structures at the ready, to be tested and shipped anywhere along the East Coast.

In 1995, the city started to focus on bringing businesses to the eastern area of the city to improve the image of that section of the city as an employment center and provide high-wage manufacturing and industrial jobs. The Eastport Business Park has been a part of that plan.

“I'm excited about it,” Port Orange Mayor Don Burnette said. “The more diverse types of commerce we bring into Eastport the better, because that will help attract other things.”

Eastport contains 141 tax parcels. The lot GMC Machine Tools picked is vacant. One necessary step, the completion of a development review application, was signed and delivered to the city in March. A warehouse site plan was created in May, but is still subject to change.

No start date for construction, hiring or operations could be determined.

Company officials stated in an email, “GMC Machine Tools has been serving the manufacturing industry since 1999.”

However, the company didn't answer any questions posed by Hometown News.

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