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Barbara Gizzi is the Deltona Art Club's Featured Artist for September. Her artwork, “Wanna Hug,” is an acrylic white paint on black canvas and hangs in the foyer of Deltona City Hall.

The Deltona Art Club recognized Barbara Gizzi as the Featured Artist for September.

Her artwork, “Wanna Hug,” is an acrylic white paint on black canvas and hangs this month in the foyer of Deltona City Hall.

When Ms. Gizzi retired and life started slowing down, she needed to find a hobby. Since her two daughters and a granddaughter have a talent with painting, she decided to give it a try.

Ms. Gizzi picked up a couple of small paint brushes and some leftover acrylic wall paint and a large canvas picture from the garage sale. Over that picture she painted a sunrise coming over a landscape of green trees and meadow. It was so much fun she went out and bought real acrylic paints, brushes and canvases.

After a few more, smaller paintings, she realized “maybe” she had become an artist at the age of 70. Ms. Gizzi wanted to get the opinion of some members of the Deltona Art Club, and she was warmly welcome and asked to join the club.

At her first meeting, she met some of the members and was able to see some of their work and show one of hers. Realizing each person had their own unique style and medium choice, she wanted to commit to being involved with the club. When a volunteer was needed to serve as secretary, she raised her hand and today she is the vice president.

Since the arrival of Covid19 last year, the Deltona Art Club has been unable to meet and share with each other. Ms. Gizzi couldn’t seem to get inspired to paint anything until just a few weeks ago. Her husband, Gene, has wanted her to try painting another “white on black canvas” painting and Paula Dayton mentioned a panda. Something “unlocked” her indifference and Ms. Gizzi decided to go for it. Now she’s back to painting once again.

The Deltona Art Club, established in 1968, is one of the oldest continuously running clubs in Central Florida. Everyone is welcome to join.

For more information, visit deltonaartclub.com or email deltonaartclub@gmail.com.

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